1. The thing about the reefer being schedule 1 federally that I don't get, among other things is that, in order to be schedule 1 the feddys say that it has no medical uses or properties to it at all right? But the federal legalized cbd so that means they recognize it has medical use. But since when do we expect them to make sense or do the good thing the right thing, that never happens. Anyways have a good day

  2. They Showing they True colors,
    As if we didnt already know
    I perfectly content being labeled a felon
    Because as far as lm concerned, Any BS laws that circumvent the 2A Is No Law At All
    Stand up and refuse to play these lunatics game,
    If No one complies, They Lose !

  3. Just think The Will have 5 million deer, 100 million Rodents wipe our crops that store living high life, world of wildlife will thrive

  4. "Are you sure you don't want some more sunscreen, mr. President?" Kamala asked for the hundredth time.
    "No, ain't no president ever asked for no sun to go away, and I ain't gonna start!" The defiant president shouted, running barefoot down the florida beach.
    The secret service was meandering near the entrance, not entirely concerned, given the day's events.

    Shortly after noon the small landing craft, filled with Chinese marines was all but vaporized off the coast of Virginia. Some thought it was the start of an invasion, but no more showed.

    "Oh god!" mrs. Harris shouted to the sudden sound of gunfire in the far distance.
    " Go, Go, Go!" The tall scraggly agent was already in action, attempting to corral a drunken president, to no avail.

    "What do we do?"
    "He won't listen!"
    "He's so slippery, who used the oil instead of lotion?

    Then out of no where, he arrived.
    You could only see the beard at first.
    It seemed to glow with it's own disembodied light, like a holy reliquary.

    As their eyes focused, they could see.
    John Lovell had emerged from the sea.

    "Come to the coast they say, it'll be fu…."
    The president ran right into him, and fell over.
    "Are you hear to protect me from the Chinese?" The president mutters.
    "Get in the car…"

  5. 🤔 What is this… “Devil’s Lettuce” …of which you speak? Is this some kind of hipster burger fad, like the Cobray beef? Well… their beef was better than their firearms, so as long as the AFT is making it legal nationwide, I shall give this new-fangled veggie a try. I hope it is crunchy, not soggy. 👌🏾

  6. Unfortunately ignorance over malice doesnt apply to Val Demmings. She knows exactly what she is doing. Her and her husband were both officers & from what I gather, she had an opportunity to make cops in her district safer by allowing more law abiding citizens to carry, but she thinks that only her & her family should be able to own guns. She believes that the state & it's lackeys employees should have a monopoly on force, safety, + security over the group she claims voted for her & her husband…

    Next to the mean old lady with leathery skin & ugly cowboy hats always trying to gaslight people a few years ago – the Demmings' are the worst elected officials in the state…

  7. I'm gonna be honest, the goofy TNVC stuff is entertaining. That being said, it's one thing when you're calling it gluten free. It technically is. Mahogany though, it is not. Might be a stupid thing to be annoyed about, but I can't help it….unless the thing really is made of wood. That would be a reason NOT to buy it though.

  8. Any law repugnant to the Constitution is VOID! I don't care what anyone says I can read the Constitution and know even the firearm acts are VOID. I also know anyone enforcing these laws violates their OATH just like the people who made the VOID law to begin with. Domestic Traitors or the enemy.

  9. The NFA is the National Firearms Act, SO, the correct acronym for this bill would be GRAMA. Everybody gotta respect gramma. Unless you want a cane to your ass!

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