ANOTHER LIFE Trailer (2019) Netflix

Another Life (2019) is the new drama starring Katee Sackhoff, Selma Blair and Justin Chatwin. Note | #AnotherLife #Trailer courtesy of Netflix International B.V..


  1. Stargate Universe, initially blamed for being a dumbed down version of the franchise for better acces to the younger generation, was a masterpiece compared to this laughable series.

  2. This is the most realistic show i have seen over the past 10 years. This is exactly what you would get if you packed a spaceship full of left wing liberals and shot them into space. A male Nancy Policy want na be trying to take over the ship in his quest for power, A transvestite doctor that has no idea where it fits in, A fat guy that can't pick up anyone else so goes for the Dr not knowing she has a bigger cock than he does, A bisexxule treo (MMF) dripping body fluids all over the ship, A XO that is going crazy over her dead lover that just happens to have been a crew mate, A captain that is using the ship and its AI as her own personal vibrator and all while everyone is drugging it up on space pot and alcoholic that they smuggled onto the ship. You nailed it, that is exactly what would happen. This show is so realistic in its keeping with the liberal mindset and way of life.

  3. I liked it.

    It is a mix between Aliens and Star trek voyager!

    Yes the cast isn't that great and writting could use some help but has a whole the concept and idea is very interesting has imo this will eventually happen.

    I'm very pleased it was renewed for a season 2.

  4. They should rename the show “Another F-Bomb”… seems every other sentence someone is yelling out two or four F-Bombs….It’s an OK series…. but the characters and the cast who plays them, is like a bunch of freshmen college students who have been given a project to do for the semester by their science professor…and they are botching it big time.

  5. Ridiculously hysterical and useless characters posing as professional astronauts – picked up at a club or dorm party. Definitely potential here and worth a go. Katee Sackhoff is awesome.

  6. Spoiler Alert
    Spoiler Alert
    Spoiler Alert

    Oh, no! SJW on Netflix. Being completely honest when I say that as soon as I saw macho looking Tyler, I knew he was done for. SJW shows seem to bring him on just to kill his characters off….and sure enough…

  7. Watched the 1st episode because of Katee Sachoff, she's great. Doing the best she can, but the writing is awful, so going to be a hard pass on the rest of the episodes. Also, looks pretty obvious there's a few transgenders. Nothing wrong with that, but WHY??? There's enough confused writing to begin with. Can't think of any good reasons to put them in that would enhance the plot, and after all it's supposed to be about the storytelling. Because of Katee's presense, had high hopes for this but am disappointed.

  8. I just come around to watch it,…. holy crap, even Armageddon or Red Dwarf is more believable than this. The Earth is relatively prosperous,… and they can only manage to find this group of mentally unstable primadonnas to go for first contact? Come on,…. unless, this was a cautionary tale about if the government were run by a PC horde who got rid of the chain of command semblance in a professional environment, then I guess this is okay.

  9. Watch Battlestar Galatica with Katee Sackhoff in it,its 10 times better,this is the only reason I am watching it,I don't know any of the other actors.What with all the sex in it, its not needed.Would of been better if they had uniforms on. oh its Danny Pink for Doctor Who…. lol.. half of the time there stoned…lol do they think there in the 70s,I would rather have season 2 of Lost in Space than this or Hill House. Netflix take about 3 years to make the next season. It took that long for Stranger Things,they make too meany new series.Whats happened to The Crown series 3…?

  10. This TV show is for women and the alphabet community there's nothing wrong with that but as a guy I would have liked to seen at least one character that was a strong male character. If you like your sci-fi with tons of estrogen a bunch of emotion with a alphabet soup love story this is for you

  11. It's sooooooo BAD,it's hurts 👎👎👎
    Another life?…it's more like
    Another 💩
    Another Life is an Insult to Everyone's Intelligence.
    Everyone above 60 IQ

  12. This show is trageting that Twilight audience of gernation Z'ers. But the problem lies in the characters. The atitudes seem like they would never be in the positions they're in. Especially the doctor.. what a terrible doctor. Why am I watching this show? I'm a sucker for space stuff..

  13. I thought it was the usual weepy introspective “let’s just use space as a backdrop for our emotional BS” but after getting to the fourth episode it actually got better and now I’ve finished it I’m looking foreword to the next one. Odd for me as I usually bin early as well.

  14. the only 2 characters remotely likable is Katee and her 2nd in command. The other characters, so far, have just about blown up the ship, brought a disease on board, complained and cried over every little thing command does, and on top of all the disastrous stuff they cause, still manage to sneak off for a sexual encounter. A little drama is all right, but this way over done.

  15. This show MIGHT have had a chance…IF they made sure no Democrats were involved. An anorexic lady strolling through space with a bunch of pansy leftists to save humanity?!?!? The creators, the writers, & the investors need to be sued…by somebody!

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