Uk 2020 gorilla grow season 1

Welcome back people quick update on the garden, watered in some Epsom salts and layed down slug pellets after northern lights was badly snacked on, and a …


  1. Next year bro, instead of using slug pellets which can be toxic, I recommend buying a couple bags of wood chip, maybe sold as mulch in Tesco, lido or aldi and spread around the base of your plants. Not only do slugs stay well away from it but it helps the microbiology in the soil. Everything looking great man!

  2. Omg bro u shouldn't put the slug bait under urs plants. When u gonna water them(or the rain) all the chemicals from slugshiet will by absorbed into ur flowers and then u will smoke it. Take this shiet away from plants, like 2 foots further and make sure you dont water it.

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