Taiwan Shuts Down Farms to Build More iPhones – Destruction of Food Supply

In the latest blow to global food production, Taiwan is diverting water from rice farms to semiconductor factories to keep the iPhones & car chips flowing.


  1. I remember a time when the cars didn't use chips they were better I also remember a time you didn't depend on farm's you were the farmer,people were healthier. Seems what do you need I phone or reality its always your choice

  2. On a side note..The other day I received a survey from the USDA about my land usage, farm animals and..my race among other personal information. I was horrified, as much of the information requested had nothing to do with my land usage. I have been here thirty years and have never received a survey before this week as this is not "cropland" because the soil is either sand or swamp. In late 2019, I turned down an oil company's request to explore for oil/gas on my property (I own the mineral rights); I just wonder if it is related. The form said the survey was "voluntary"..suggestions, anyone? (Before the survey goes into the "circular file")

  3. You're fucking crazy… 5b industry or a 100+b… 90% world supply (chips) or rice? What's your leverage… Rice or semiconductors? Which country will back you if you lose you semiconductors? You gonna pay in rice? Be practical for once.

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  5. What is the use of the chip's water, after the chip plant used it? Is the chip's water only used for cooling?
    If yes, this water can be used for irrigation.
    Treated municipal water can also be used for irrigation – not human food, but good for animal feed, such as Lemna. Without irrigation, the farmers can switch to drought tolerant crops, many of which are good for animal feed.
    I am a retired Professional Engineer, agricultural and electrical. MS research in irrigation.

  6. Ontario Canada has borders locking down on Monday
    You cannot get in through Quebec or Manitoba
    Plus today the phone companies
    Fido and Chatter all phones are down since today
    Seems fishy to me

  7. I am beginning to understand how Rome collapsed–especially how they lost the ability to maintain their infrastructure. Reading about it, it seems impossible that their roads, aqueducts, bathhouses, fountains, and toilets would fall into disrepair due to a lack of people to maintain them. You would think if they invented and built these things, they would continue to have the ability to make and maintain them. But I read years ago that they were having trouble in the northern states maintaining stone bridges that the CCC had built in the 1930's. There aren't enough people who know how to do stone laying now to keep up with all the repair work. Where bridges get really bad, they just have to tear them out and build a modern steel one instead. My grandfather served in the CCC and helped build a stone guard wall around a local mountain highway. That's how fast the knowledge has been lost.

    Now we're losing the ability to even make cars. I saw a headline the other day that said that the chip shortage is so bad, they're short on chips that run the robots that make chips. If they can't keep those going, we're going to have no electronics at all. We're going to end up sitting around a fire, telling our grandchildren about how we used to have lights and heat that weren't made of fire and how we could keep food cold and even cool huge buildings. And those rusted out hulks everywhere were cars and we put liquid in them and could drive very fast on those old roads that weren't cracked and weed-filled back then. And if we needed to go a really long ways, we got on planes that flew us to far away places at many hundreds of miles per hour. We'll explain all of this and it will sound like magic. After so many generations, those stories will turn into mythology of a golden age when gods walked the earth.

    Ayn Rand predicted all of this in Atlas Shrugged. She showed infrastructure collapsing as businesses died one by one. And bad weather ruined harvests for several years until the food supply chain was on the brink of collapse. Then, when they finally got a good harvest of wheat in the Midwest, government corruption and a broken down rail system caused the harvest to be lost and farmers rioted and just burned everything down. There weren't going to be any more harvests anyway because there was no one manufacturing farm equipment anymore and their old machines were on their last legs. In some places, people had already reverted to plowing by hand with mule teams.

    When the lights go out in NYC, then we'll know the end has come.

  8. You cannot eat iPhones & car chips but you sure can eat food, drink water, take herbal medicines, etc. ALL SOCIETIES ARE ESSENTIALLY AGRARIAN BY NATURE no matter how industrialized or semi-industrialized or starting industrialized your national economies. Because before people can do anything they have to EAT, DRINK, USE HERBS TO CURE THEMSELVES, ETC!

  9. OH MY GOD! i just read an article on humans are free.
    florida and texas are planning on releasing gmo mosquitos…….
    there are rumors out there in the freedom fighter community, that because the
    globalists are pissed florida and texas etc have ended all lockdowns
    that any state that opens will be punished with a planned new covid
    attack……DO YOU THINK THIS IS IT!? OMG!!!! we all know GMO are fuckn
    dangerous!!!!!! omg we need to tell people out there folks!

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