Sheriff Released Body Cam After Viral Nurse Phone Video of Her Arrest ULSTER NY Dec 28 2020

Please Subscribe! The Ulster County Sheriff released the body cam footage yesterday from the arrest of a 26-year-old Saugerties woman that led to claims of …


  1. I am so glad that most officers wear body cams now. This alone is going to save these departments millions when it comes to frivolous lawsuits. I bet race baiting, ambulance chasing lawyers are livid.

  2. 'I'm not resisting, I am just physically refusing to allow you to arrest me'. Don't you see the difference? Yuge difference. And I never knew that fact about being able to get out of a ticket/arrest simply by being parked at the time. But doesnt that technically mean that all tickets ever issued, and all traffic arrests ever performed, were actually illegal and null and void, since they rarely do these things with the vehicle in motion? Or does she just mean 'as long as you make it to a designated parking space before you stop for the police you Get Out of Jail Free'?
    Jesus, and this is one of our brightest and best? I was arrested for criminal DLS once. I had no idea it was a criminal offense until the officer told me to get out of the car. So I said 'Am I under arrest?' and he said 'at this time, yes you are'. I said 'okay, bummer'. And I let him cuff me, and we had an interesting chat on the way to the station. I had ample opportunity to fight the charge and prove they were mistaken later (which they weren't). Talk about inconvenience, I was on lunch break.

  3. I think she messed up in two areas one she should have never admitted to driving and two she should not had her keys in the ignition and then he could not arrest her for driving but she admitted to driving. got to know the holes, ins and outs of the loops. You are not going to outsmart the police in talking a about the law. But like a good citizen she was being cooperative thinking it was going to help her. Now she piled on more charges through her actions and negligence.

  4. The collective mindset of these pathetic tards 🤣🤣 makes my day every time. 🤣😂😂😂🤣 The best part is the punchline, were they insinuating and threatening that they'll attack take revenge 😆 They can't even manage to slow down from murdering themselves

  5. In California
    Resisting Arrest under California Penal Code Section 148(a) PC is a broadly defined criminal offense that makes it illegal to intentionally resist, delay or obstruct a law enforcement officer or emergency medical technician from performing his or her lawful duties. The "lawful duties" in question include almost any action performed in connection with their job, and is not limited to the act of performing an arrest.
    CLEARLY young lady…You are in the Wrong…COMPLY with all Officers and there is No Problem!

  6. Of course, she's resisting and of course, she's hysteric. But I've never seen white people being arrested because the licence is at home. FUCKING RACIST.

  7. Problem is in you’re country you have a corrupt government to the point is as anyone can do anything especially if you’re not American if you get my drift ! Wrong information lands you in a situation that becomes problematic. If you silly sausages want no police anywhere then continue this . Crime in you’re once stunning nation is to a point the middle east would be uncomfortable that you’re overtaking them ! I’m fully against the police but rules are rules . Look how long it took for him to get back up ! I bet they all sat back thinking they are sick of this and they’d rather he arrested her . Look they even called through to check . America please grow up as you are a superpower . Superpowers act with integrity, honour , respect and command . You’re losing all . Think where we are all heading .

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