1. Need to legalize the Mary Jane an tax the bullets , let everyone have guns but make the price of bullets 100.00 a bullet that way if you buy a bullet you want to make sure who you want to shoot is worth it , an don't miss make sure you get them with the 100.00 you got to spend too buy another bullet,

  2. You need to change gun law! Someone who has a medical marijuana card cannot own a gun. That is not right if you don’t have physiological issues! Are recreational users allowed to own a gun? They better not or I will sue state and federal! Just because someone smokes cannabis does not mean they aren’t responsible! If you don’t apply this law to anyone who smokes cannabis or throw out this ridiculous law, I will take this to Supreme Court! No one ever told me I couldn’t have a gun if I get a medical license! Huge issue for me!

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