Planet 13 stock Earnings Update. Bullish on 2021!

Planet 13 stock released earnings today and although Larry sounded very bullish on the call, there were a few things missing that I wanted to hear. Numbers …


  1. Planet 13 will be the king of Reopening plays IN 2021. After listening to the call, I’m very bullish on the reopening of Las Vegas. 100% Capacity at the SS, Medizine back open, Santa Ana opening July, buying more cultivation space, P13 Products across 70 different dispensaries in Vegas, tourism ramping up in Vegas, as well as a neighborhood stores opening in CA, record sales during March of 9.7 Million, there’s too much to list on why I’m so bullish on Planet13 and 2021 should be a very good year for this business.

  2. I was just on the Vegas strip today.. and it’s like “what pandemic”? It was packed! … one more note… population of Vegas is 2 million.. population of LA is 18 million. Yeah… I’d say PLNHF has a brought future ahead! Great video and commentary!

  3. Great march numbers. This is what we can go by going forward.

    Comparing YoY when we had lockdowns is kinda moot since PL13 is a retailer and retail got hit hard across the board. So not exactly a reflection of this specific company's performance in and of itself.

    With just the 1 SS in Vegas … March numbers are great.

    My money will be in good hands investing in PL13 over the next 5 years.

  4. Just to add to the B minus for the conference call. I will have to say that in the past they have said that they’re not used to doing major conference calls so maybe they had their hands tied with giving out to much information? I could tell you were a little disappointed in the conference call but I think overall it’s still a good place for growth especially with everything happening with federal legalization in the pipeline.

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