Our reality Radio show march 2021 santos bonacci2

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  1. As I watched this video, I got hit with ads approximately every 90 seconds! "They" sure do their best to deflect you from certain videos/subjects!

  2. Thank you so much for everything you share with us Santos. I can never repay you for the life changing effect you have had in my own life. Everything you teach is truth brother. I love you with all my heart and soul brother.

  3. Love the interview with Santo but the constant interruptions by host/commercials makes it less then inviting. Thank you for sharing his brilliant wisdom and I will subscribe to his channel.

  4. Thank you santos for your years of tireless work,the knowlage you have is amazing.
    The people need you ,you are such an inspiration.
    The roots of our ancesters,the univers and nature is where the TRUTH is.

  5. Santos and microphone fails really don't mix.
    How about before starting your next web interview, double-check your audio/video feed quality, and be willing to pause to fix technical issues.
    Otherwise, you'll just stay frustrated during the interview, and the audience will suffer.

  6. Surprised this guy hasn't been Censored on YouTube ? Can anyone Enlighten me as to why this hasn't happened with the subject material this guy talks about !! I've seen people criticize the current situation were in Less and are now off youtube …….. By the Current Situation i mean Any Opinions or Views on Covid 19

  7. Santos you support the Bible but you reject the Lord Almighty as the Creator?

    I saw your video where you said Helios the Greek Sun God was the Creator.

    Ezekiel 8 Idolatry in the Temple.
    16- with their backs towards the east, they were bowing down to the Sun.

    Sun Worship is detestable to the Lord. Santos sorry brother you need to Trust the Bible and Gods Word.

    Isaiah 44-6 This is what the Lord says – Israel's King and Redeemer, the Lord Almighty: I am the first and last: apart from me there is no God.

  8. I think this is that lady who facilitated that's super awesome Santos Bonacci three-hour presentation entitled something like, "everything you need to know, how everything works"? (of course I'm paraphrasing)
    It was mostly a whiteboard presentation? Say to us was wearing a blue jacket hoodie in the beginning that said Cuba on the front? I never forget a voice✌

  9. Santos I love you you have helped change my views on life! Everytime I listen I always think I would love to know the things your not to say because we ain't ready for it? Peace brother!

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