Kamala Harris FLIPPED on Federal Weed Legalization ?

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  1. ATTENTION: Reefer Madness is NOT an educational film, through extensive research the film proves to be misinformation. Don't trust everything you see on YouTube, they don't fact check everything.

  2. Wow, how sad, The obvious the owned, 😆. Nobody goes from understanding the absurdity of marijuana prohibition to Reefer mad with out it being for the bucks.

  3. Can’t believe all you Democrats believe anything a Democrat says. They lie and say what they need to to get in office. Biden hasn’t accomplished anything in 47yrs. Name me one Democrat that has accomplished anything they promised. I was a Democrat until 2 years ago once I turned off msm and started to do my own research and found out Trump delivered on everything he promised.

  4. It's fuck up people are really using it for medical purposes it really helps I don't understand why. I pray that my State keeps it going for us to have for medical purposes.

  5. Oh, they promised one thing, then flipped and didn't go through with it? Surprise, surprise. Not really. They won't stop the prison profits until there are new inmates to fill up all of those empty cells.

  6. The US government must be racist and against poor and middle class… if they still have a former racist president law still federal…

  7. This was the one thing I was hoping for, but Kamala never was for marijuana she lied about smoking weed, and she only shifted her stance on marijuana only because her opponent was for legalization so this will be interesting.

  8. If true, why are the democrats interested in backing from the MJ promise? Is it just to bait republicans to warm up to them? Tripping. This is a non-negotiable subject for me… They falter on this, I'm voting 3rd party next time

  9. These people just pretend to be anti-war and anti-prohibition so they can get elected and never fix the problem so they can blame their opponents so they can get re-elected. They want these problems to not be fixed.

  10. LMC your guess about this being market testing is one I hadn't thought of, but being that the Biden team keeps screwing EVERYONE at every chance they get… I'm not gonna hold my breath. By the way, found you from CLN's channel who I don't follow subscribe to anymore… One of his regular personalities doesn't work for me. So thank you for keeping me up to date.

  11. I think HOV does smoke but he’s very private and professional. The last pic of him on Twitter he looked baked as fuck!! I’m sure he hits da J after ever 300 million dollar deal he makes😂

  12. Tulsi Gabbard exposed Harris record as AG for marijuana prosecution. She was playing politics when they ask her about federal legalization. Expect more disappointments from this administration in regards to legalization.

  13. Lol… Trump wasn’t so bad after all, huh? With Biden and Harris in office, gas prices are skyrocketing , people are losing their jobs and the neoliberals are starting another war in M.E. Even if the left did legalize cannabis, the taxes would probably be so outrageous that most of us could never afford to buy any.

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