Inside Our Tandara 385MB from East-To-West RV | Full Inside Tour

ℹ️ Take a tour inside our new 2021 Tandara 385MB from East-to-West RV. We show you the full inside tour of this beautiful new product from Forest River (the …


  1. This. Was. Awesome! We love your new rig (and the banter between you two always fantastic too!). Thanks to Corbin for showing us his "Corbin Cave", how cool is that! And just a 50 inch telly, in your trailer, as you do! You guys in the US really know how to travel! Thanks for a great vid as always, we're already ready for the next! ❤👍

  2. Oh wow guys 🤩 This is absolutely beautiful! The kitchen, the fireplace all that storage 😍😍 Thanks for the loft tour, Corbin!!! New subscribers here!! Look forward to following you on your adventures and seeing the outside!! 😁

  3. Fireplace,50 inch tv, reclining chairs….I’m sold and I’ve only just started watching!! Wow, wow,wow guy’s…just incredible.How big is that fridge 🤩 and a PANTRY?! Corbin seemed to be at home in the loft..
    The American RV’s are immense and that is an amazing one you have right there. Thank you for the tour…absolutely loved it. 👍🚐😃Michelle and Andy

  4. Love the lighter interior. Makes the whole thing feel more open. And that pantry is amazing! I’m sure your son will love having that bunk room to hang out in as well. Thanks for the tour!

  5. Congratulations on your new E2W camper! The 385MB is what I want to get when the wife and I "grow up". Been on pins and needles waiting for you to show off your new digs.

  6. What better way to celebrate our new video release date and time than by inviting you into our new home!! We love our Tandara 385MB and the floorplan. Let us know what you think!

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