How to Make HASH!

So, what exactly is hash? Unlike cannabis resin which is obtained from the buds of the cannabis plant, hash comes from the rest of the plant, especially any …


  1. Real hash is heated and pressed and its rubbed on silkscreen in the cold they lay plastic down under the screen to catch the kief. Take the kief and place it in a square pressing mold press at 2 tons and heat it to aroud 200f for dont go over 220 press for a minute or less

  2. "EXPERTS"??? That's satire…. Right? The point of the channel is to make fun of all these idiots who think they know what they are talking about, not realizing that it's OBVIOUS to everyone else that they don't actually know what they are talking about.

  3. So I ended up buy bird food for my parrot, and found cannabis seeds inside I took some and tried germinating it but to no luck. I wonder why? Did they do something to the seeds?

  4. I used to make finger hash when I was younger. Now I use the dry ice method.

    Should make a video on ways people smoke and harvest cannabis and it’s extracts around the world as I leant finger hash from Jamaicans.

    Love this channel.

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