How To Catch Tough Bite Tarpon – Flats Class

In this video, captian C.A. Richardson will be going over how to catch tarpon when the bite is tough. Early in the season it can still be very hard to catch Tarpon …


  1. Hey there new subscriber here , loved the last video I saw of yours . I had a quick question for you , I’m planning on purchasing a new set up and was wondering what lb test to use and if to use a leader or not and if so what lb test and what kind of line . I was recommended to use seauger threadlock fishing line but that was my first time ever hearing of it . Thanks In advance 😎

  2. Always appreciate you dropping the knowledge Captain. The tarpon were everywhere yesterday, getting them to bite was no problem, getting them to the boat was a different story. The redfish eye hook with that bigger gap is key.

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