1. Peace be upon you. I beg you and I beg you, my brother, to read my message completely and do not leave it without what you read.

    My brother, the first of my words, I swear by God, the book of God is that I do not lie to you, do not swindle, or deceive that I am a Yemeni girl displaced from Taiz. And he speaks to us and he wants to get us out of the house to the street because we could not pay him rent and he would not go except after we cry and they came back. Talk about him by neighbors and give us time for the end of this week. We find the sustenance of our day and live with me. My mother and my brothers are jealous. Our father is dead, may God have mercy on him, and there is no one with us in this world who stands beside us in this harsh circumstances and I do not have older brothers. I am the eldest among my brothers, but I am a girl. My brother, we have two days deprived of food, and I have younger brothers, see how their condition is. I swear by God, my brother, that they went out of the house to the street and cured the neighbors to eat. To land that they closed the door, drove them out, and returned to weep. They die of hunger. No one of their mercy and their gifts would you have made a living, and because no one really helped us, take a minute. I swear by God that we are dying of hunger. O my brother, I am an intruder. Goodness and help me, even if with 500 Yemeni riyals, to ask for the name of my card and send me, do not delay, and God will compensate you with all good, my brother. You are men. If your family heals hungry, you do the impossible in order to secure food for them. For them to expel us on the street, let us be careless or die of hunger. This is my WhatsApp number +967711096080, who wants to help us, for the sake of God, is sending me a WhatsApp message. In which we have compassion, that I and my family ask you, by God, my brother, that you stop with us. Remember the words of God Almighty (and in their money is a known right to the questioner and the deprived, God Almighty has truthful).

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