[Holochain Explained] How Holofuel will GROW LIKE A WEED!

[Holochain Explained] How Holofuel will GROW LIKE A WEED! I am really starting to get into holo crypto, holo coin, hot coin, holochain… whatever you want to …


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    [Holochain Explained] Holo Crypto and Holofuel, What is Holofuel? (Software Engineer Reviews) https://youtu.be/taPQufPWYR8
    [Holochain Explained] Holo Crypto, Holo coin, What is Holochain? (Software Engineer Explains) https://youtu.be/0olG_KbOJ1g

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    Reference: https://medium.com/h-o-l-o/holo-fuel-economics-101-c9631d63014a#_=_

  2. True story…..was tipped off by a co-worker who has a friend was a huge early investor in BTC……his friend told him in late 2019 to get into Holochain……co-worker tells me…….and buy at .0003380. Greatest second-hand tip I have ever received. Now that I have studied and understand the tech……I love it and believe HOT is the future

  3. if Hot gets to 8 cents then it will be in the top ten lists in market cap. if Holochain plays out as described then it could easily reach within the top three.

  4. Mate your a boss ! Looking forward to your Marker Cap Video… I cant see it hitting a dollar unless the general market move a lot higher, I am long with 1 m

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