HB 1535 Public Health Committee Hearing

A hearing for HB 1535, which would expand the Texas Compassionate Use Program and give more patients access to medical cannabis, was held on April 7, …


  1. Legalize Texas ALREADY!!
    As a person who has chronic pain due to injuries sustained in an automobile accident in 1989, when I was 17 years old. I have also survived a severe addiction to opioid pain medication!! Cannabis is the only thing that truly helps my pain and still allows me to have quality of life!! So many people would benefit from legalizing cannabis!

  2. You can have a suitcase full of guns and a place to get beer on EVERY corner (they even put it in a to-go bag for you) but you can't have a plant. Abbott, Patrick, and all the rest say no cuz they can. Texas Cancel Culture, what happened to less government, such Hippocrates!!

  3. #thisisnotaprototype #thisisprophecy #thisisnotadrill #thisisnotaprivatematter #thisisapublicmatter Hold up I read and understand all of the nice words but sir I think you mis understanding the people of TEXAS for YEARS and the rest that believe in the practice of being God over people, lying at the same time telling the truth as if you are protecting us by false round up and KILLING US I'm only passionately speaking so thanks for replying but you can keep your modified slavery and nee off our neck and why you at it SIR RESPECTFULLY #CUTTHECHECK

    #jesusdieforourfreedom #jesuslovesyou #GodBlessAlloftheVictims #coronavirushasapatent #coronavirusisstillkillingpeople #policearestillkillingpeople #endprisonprofitsonhumanabuse #endthedrugwar #endthewaronhumans #goodcopsprotectusfromthebadones We are not blind, we can hear, and we are not stupid.

  4. Sometimes, living here in Texas is really depressing, the Texas government so far far behind the other states, it's really hard to take to take in! Are we living in 1968 or 2021? What's wrong with this state? I just don't get it! Are these people paying attention to what's going on in this world? Get with it people, the world is passing you by, oh – it already has!

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