1. Hate to tell you rats and squirrels will chew through that netting in seconds…I tried used cloth bags to protect fruit to no avail. Get 1/4 inch galvanized steel mesh for the top (also helps in the structual rigidity of the top)…I even make my own fruit bags out of this as well as metal screening for doors and windows…they can't chew through.

  2. I grow strawberries in a 20 gallon storage tote in a patio chair. I cut the center out of the lid, stapled tulle on it to keep out birds, etc. after pollination. Works like a charm.

  3. hi Ross, I ordered MDB strawberries and also am growing out alpine strawberry seedlings per your recommendation. Have you also grown/heard of Tristar strawberry? I came across that variety and have them in the ground now along with MDB. I wanted to see if you have grown/tasted them and what your thoughts were… love what you do and keep up the good work!

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