FREE RANGE: Gail of Gaia Talks To Drake Bailey on Current Events

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  1. can we play with the dolphins , i see wolf you are a good swimmer, run along the sands and shores free, no worry about money i want to run with you. held captive, i shouldnt be here i should be with you.

  2. you wolf would KNOW all the great spots and no ticks because we would be crystal riding wild horses, i have never hunted in my life….., Can run with you…..?i seen you swim, your good….the way you hit the water, the water glowed just a bit. That was pure energy, you were so mad wolf……i want to meet you…..tell me how i can help . This is video of the being running after campers, One camper took the cliff , and so did the red and white eyed wolf being lets ride wolf! my name is lisa……remember i never killed or hunted in my life…..Who's love do i WIN for that?

  3. anubis look past the vortex inside needs life creator , you feel so close . See to make new life quickly must be done . but id seen a wolf with glowing eyes, red and white….crystal matrix breaking down? I want to be with the wolf that eyes that glow….ride wild horses, swim in the hot springs, your smart and you jump in the water side ways……i felt you judge it before you jumped. can i run away with you … held captive

  4. 8:34 correct. they are always self-righteous know-it-alls as they never look into their own souls, never admit wrong. this is Narcissus the bleedingheart do gooder and throw money at the problem, because they value money more than nature – they are the great projectors

  5. Looks like U.S. in a situation where there is, apparently, dual presidency. Seems like the top brass in the military don't recognize "Flashbang" (sleepy j0e), esp if DIA establishes he wasn't the clear winner. If 107 (Ju@n 0 S@vin) is to be believed/considered, the military is in a defensive stance… protecting east and west borders (and hopefully monitoring the southern), whilst determining if/when to step in… which he thinks may not be far off. Seems to me if that is the case, they are waiting for pockets of civil unrest or disorder, possibly involving m!l|ti@. A delicate tightrope act. A military junt@ is out of the question, but on the other hand they have to prevent pre-c|v!l w@r II.

  6. Since you talked about prison:
    The Prison Agenda is a TOTAL CORRUPTION and it goes against human rights!
    At the end prisons creates more Trauma.

  7. Hey Gail I cant seem to load this vid on your website…was it corrupted? Man the deep state must really feel threatened from the info from this vid if they sink this low 😑

  8. Gail…I hope you have a chance to read this, but your Website for this video is NOT working…at least at my end. What it says is: No Video with supported format and MIME type Found. Thought you should know that.

  9. I thought I would add I tried to watch from your website on both a Samsung device and an iPad… the message shown on Samsung says “no video with supported format and MIME type found”. The iPad just shows a strike through the play arrow with no text. Thank you for all your hard work! Hope to watch your latest instalment soon!

  10. gail how about asking the liar drake where his replicator and free energy machine is that he was going to make for the last 10 yrs when r u going to wake up to trhe bullshitting nutcase with no feelings as shown when he seen the deformed kid last time WAKE UP and where is mate keenan with the gc accounts ,,,,,,,,still coming as usual get some real answers for a change

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