Breaking: Irrfan Khan ki wife Sutapa ka post, CBD oil ko India mai Legal karne ki hui Maang

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  1. Marijuana is medically legal in several states in USA. They have state clinic where they give weekly supply to pt for medical reasons. All will have prescription card and I’d with prescription. Illegal are given detoxification by gov also paid insurance in pvt hospitals for treatment called Medicaid and Medicare for retirees.

  2. She has told it from one angle. It is true that CBD, morphine etc used as pain reliever for cancer patients who have to fight against this painful and less curable dieses but that does not mean govt will lift all types of ban and make it easily available in the mkt. Surely it will be misused by young people. She needs some treatment

  3. Already sharab peekar desh ke kuch log itne dange karte hai to CBD oil jaise lekar pura atank faila dege..mrs Irfan kya chahti hai ki desh ki yuva nashe mei duba rahe…aaj irfan khan rahte to ye aurat aise nahi bolti….

  4. Crazy! Why this senseless people give their opinion? What if her son come in racket still she say same??? Stupid lady be quiet and don’t speak if you don’t have sense!

  5. India is not London nor india follows London's law .Pls dont spoil own image.
    It is a serious issue systematic things r rare and law needs to b more strict then being lineant.

    Rich ones will dominate d poor always those who left were lucky enough .
    2020 onwards is an year of karmas no bad and illegal can b hidden for too long

  6. I had cancer and they gave me cb&i oil to kill the Cancer cell it's not illegal but if it's recommended by the doctor then you can have it it depend in which country you are I was in Zimbabwe so I was okay today I'm cancer-free for 37 years

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