5 Critical Questions to Ask When Buying Cannabis / Quick Hit / Ganjier

When it comes to cannabis flower, there’s often a high level of variability and low level of transparency unless you make the effort to ask these five critical …


  1. Curious what Derek is referring to by "being flushed right" arount 3:54. Isn't flushing largely a myth? I know it can save on inputs, but the studies I've found so far haven't indicated any benefit to flushing beyond that, like the RX Green Technologies study for example. I'd love to be wrong about this though!

  2. You should see the State authorized Bread lines in Arkansas???

    This is an odd world where none of that matters here!

    They throw some hay at you at 15.00/g top or bottom shelf (matters not) , call it medicine & you still have to buy another 1/8 of CBD flower to level out their undeveloped Medicine!!

    And no-one but moguls are enjoying inactivated smoothies & juicing fan leaves, Least of all the promotion of introspection of the culture, even within the business and purchasing demographic.

    It really is shamefull… Their compassionate care programs are a funny state!

  3. I would include an underlying question you should ask regarding each of these questions.. Why. Because based on the answer you receive to each question, you need to know why each question matters, and why your preferred choice is important to ask your budtender.

    Buyers beware of dispensaries that rush you out and don’t let you ask these basic questions.

    Also, before you go down this road.. ask yourself, are you a beginner or expert? Do you smoke a gram and get high? Or do your blunts weigh 3.5G and you smoke 3 a day… there are so many different levels of experience with each user, I enjoy hearing perspectives from all walks and how it helps me realize where I fit..

    My name is SkottieJay, I have chronic pain, and prefer fresh flower hand rolled into joints daily with live resin. My current daily intake is up to 8g. There is no cure for my pain apart from Cannabis. I live for that moment of peace from pain that cannabis brings. Cheers! 🤙🏽

  4. Protip, most prerolls are shake and not really flower at all. Believe me, just buy the best flower you like by smell. If they cannot show you that, don't buy.

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