Second wave? NEW COVID strain in India | COVISHIELD vs COVAXIN?

Increasing cases in India is a concern in particular in Maharashtra and Kerala. Vaccination is absolutely important at this critical juncture.


  1. Doc are just vera level.. Love the way you drive yr msg through smart humour thanks so much for your insights and advice
    Doc I have two concerns – I have severe skin allergy due to dust way back and from time to time also now having psoriatic dermatitis is it safe to go for vaccination iam 55 female and no other issues except hypo thyroid for last 13 years

  2. I had experienced seizure 10yrs back and now I'm not on any medication and no such episode
    I fear will my epilepsy get triggered again after vaccination ?

  3. People r dying after taking vaccine .
    There is testdose for injections like penicillin but for this no test dose and within24 hours after getting this vaccine people r dying .
    So how safe is these vaccines

  4. In India, they began treating coronavirus patients early using HCQ. Uttar Pradesh population of over 200 million since late August replaced HCQ with ivermectin for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19. India developed a Covid treatment kit for less than $3 per person which includes Ivermectin, zinc and doxycycline. By the end of 2020, Uttar Pradesh had the second lowest fatality rate in India. Bihar with 128 million people was lower and it was using ivermectin as well. Using early treatment of HCQ and Ivermectin, India has less than half of the coronavirus related deaths compared to the US.

  5. 3.5mg naltrexone 5000iu vitamind prevents covid 19… very powerfully..than vaccine. everyday. it is very cheap. 3.5mg naltrexone is 15 cents in korea without supporting medical insurance.

    12-48mg ivermectin 50mg zinc 100mg doxycyclin 500mg quercetin 6mg melatonin cures covid 19.(for seven days)…..

    i cured the teminal cancer patients with 3.5mg naltrexone. vitamin d .alpharipoic acid. with 48mg ivermectin. 15g liposomal vitamin c 100mg doxycyclin 500mg arzithromycin. 10 people. .i believe ldn can prevent covid 19. why? cancer cells is worse than covid..because to kill cancer cells i have given 48mg -60mg  ivermectin to people for 1 year everyday(with 2400mg abz or mbz olive oil 3 days in a week). but covid..only 5days…….

  6. Iam dr praneeth.there are 26 deaths out of 50 lakhs vaccinated with covishield.eventhough these are few deaths among vaccination.but govt or doctors are not bothered to investigate whether vaccination is cause of death.they just say by words that death is not related to vaccine.all deaths are due to myocardial infarction.everyone in india should get vaccinated but those who are at risk of thrombosis should take blood thinners and get vaccinated.spike proteins of vaccine and covid virus are known increase thrombosis.

  7. I dont know why this Dr. is saying to take covid 19 vaccine even if your a covid 19 patient.Is there any research or any reliable source of information about it?

    (But taking a corona vaccine after recovery is another matter of fact)

  8. Dr. I heard that vaccines means that they inject the same virus which is developed with some controls or something in the lab and inject in to our body. Is this true? If not what does the vaccines contain? Please explain sir.

  9. Doctor I am allergic to all cold fruits, cold air, cold water, I also have small patch of psoriasis. I am a cancer survivor. Can I take the vaccine. I cannot tolerate toxins. I am scared to take the vaccine

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