React Infinity Run | Behind The Moonshot | Nike

Injury has always plagued runners. But there’s one thing that hurts worse than injury: not running. So we decided to do something about it. Our dream? A future …


  1. Love this! But why is the graphic under the long run "5K / 3.1 miles" if they are training for a half marathon? Kinda bizarre, but I'm sure the shoe rocks!

  2. I super love these shoes! I have several ankle and knee injuries plus had a major ankle surgery in the past year. These shoes made running for me bearable and enjoyable again!

  3. When the gyms closed during the quarantine, I had to find another workout and I picked up on running in my neighborhood. I was running in 7 year old shoes, and I knew I needed something good to run in everyday. The Infinity React are amazing I’ve done over 900 miles in them without any injuries and will be replacing them with another pair very soon.

  4. As a person that owned the Structure shoe, the reason that the React shoe is 63% less injures is solely due to the fact that the Structure shoe is screwed up. The way they tried to create stability forced you to run a certain way making you very susceptible to injures. Nike knows this, so it is very deceptive of them to chose this shoe as the experimental "control" so to speak. They should compare it to the normal pegasus or vomero.

  5. STOP HEEL STRIKING. The human body is not designed to do it. If you heel strike you are wrecking your body. Always run on the balls of your feet

  6. What happened to all the barefoot and minimalist running footwear? I guess you have plenty of people to help recover from all the previous hype about those shoes. The React components have been known for decades.
    Congratulations on your engineering all the pieces in one shoe. Common sense prevails once again!!!

  7. Costs a price of a budget phone in developing nations. Proudly made in Vietnam. These shoes are really awesome. Got it on a 45% discount in Singapore. Heard that even orders to india philippines are being shipped out of singapore. Was 175 USD but got it for 95 USD..

  8. Those runners has some of the worst skin I've seen, their face are full or wrinkles..Look 10 than they actually are…. I guess that's due to running too much under sun light?

  9. Alright this was on a 45% sale in Singapore on all products. And offer ends 25th July before 23.59 hrs. So I ordered this. Original price 239 SGD and I paid just 131.45 SGD with the discount amount save of 107.55 SGD (Singapore dollars) so I think it's a great value deal and for my foot size US 13 it's quite hard to find any shoe or sandal for my size in the offline stores. Thanks nike. This video is making me even more feel convinced that I'm buying a very tested proven product. I am overweight and look forward to running on these shoes. Thanks.

  10. they're so easy to brake, I bought one pair for my wife,
    she went to park for a walk just a couple of times, and I noticed they're damaged!😖

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