1. Great video. 2700%!?! Can anyone on the planet tell me why symbol FWDG- Future world (cannabis penny stock) is up 2700% (!!!!) in the last couple weeks?????? I can't make heads or tails out of its climb and i am FreAkiNg out!!!!

  2. Definitely a healthcare worker…
    Would you rather be zonked out 24/7 putting chemicals and poison in the body insteed of somthing natural…
    I've seen all diseases first hand and let me tell u

    Stop being a conservative

  3. I have a position APH, which is listed on the TSX. Seeing as how we are going to legalize this next year, this is a speculative play, but a huge growth opportunity play. APH is also positioned well financially to succeed!
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  4. Just simply look at the facts in the states of the US who have legalized it, or canada. its not 100mil, its a BILLION dollar industry.
    Holding ZLD, CAN, MXC, AC8 and EVE

  5. His youth and ignorance shows with this video, but we were all young once. Simple fact is, while the politicians and by extension medicos of Australia refuse to acknowledge the studies of others all over the world and seem to think they will study pot and find a different outcome (but pissing $$$ up the wall is what aussie pollies do best). Most of the users I have ever known have used pot for a myriad of other ailments OTHER than cancer related ones. People forget that a lot of immune diseases are treated with 'chemo' same exact drug they smash the cancer patients with, but at a lesser and more consistent dose (once a week for 20 years in the worst case I know of) and the good old regular arthritis. A lot of the more significant immune diseases are treated with opioids, which are great, but for chronic long term diseases, the patient becomes immune, with pot, they can use different strains and combat the 'immunity' to the drug. Australia is backwards in many ways, and it will be a LONG while before pot stocks go anywhere here. From what I last read, there was less than 300 approved patients in the whole of Australia, nowhere near enough of a market. Not while anyone can buy it on craigslist (and you can, it's a piece of cake, and picking your strain particular to your disease too). And anyway, simple fact is, if you're in enough pain, you'll take anything, and a lot have, long before the government thought to legalise medicos to 'prescribe' it, and LOOONG before anyone though to legitimately make a buck off it. And PLENTY of people having been making PLENTY of bucks off it for years

  6. 1 in 3 people will get some form of cancer. That is still a lot of suffering and if it was available, most will opt for cannabis product for pain relief to live their lives as comfortable as they can.

  7. I am not a pot smoker but it seems that there are a LOT of recreational users in Australia and I suspect that a lot of people would prefer medicinal cannabis over some "one-size-actually-doesn't-fit-all" drug brewed up in a high security lab. Big pharma is a Ponzi scheme anyway.. pure profit driven.

  8. Please do research before you try to jump on the hype train having no clue whatsoever on the proven effects of this plant. You have very little understanding of this market and trading/ investing in general. You'll be a better investor when you become able to source good information. It takes a while but the first step is to be aware.

    Most of your statements are factually incorrect. It's globally moving becausd it's proven. Youtube is your friend.

  9. Medical cannabis is not limited to just the cannabis its self but all the extracts including CBD oil, animal products, beauty creams, nutraceuticals etc. Some of these MM groups like CPH are international and not solely focused on the Australian market. Not to mention the arguable case for the continued movement of recreational cannabis use seen globally. Sure we are conservative in Australia, but as a 5-10 year period it doesn't seem impossible. I think that industry in the USA/Canada region alone is in the billions range. Has me wondering if we do follow suit, that MM groups in Australia would be in the best position to transition for our own market needs.

  10. Tend to agree, very early stages for this product, always watch the big boys ie Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline , look at what they are researching and spending their money on to develop…..have they given a grant to a University to do some real studies that the medicos will approve and give credibility to.?
    You cant knock the performance of a stock like Cann that has really made some big gains on the market , 300% gain is a fair effort but how sustainable is that price and its based more on investor hype/sentiment IMO.
    Cann have produced their 1st crop for clinical trials…….I'd be waiting to see how those trials work out.
    For me there are too many questions and not enough concrete answers to put my money into Cannabis stocks at the minute…..if I was going to get into cannabis stocks I would throw some money at Creso who are angling at the Chinese market… .http://cresopharma.com/
    Fairly sure there are some USA/Canadian ETF's thats specialise in Cannabis stocks….the USA seem more advanced in research and have a lot more money invested in this area of medicine.

  11. I feel like you're overlooking the people that use ganja for "medicinal" reasons. Wouldn't take be a big part of the market in the US, for example?

  12. Some pretty happy OnMarket members who received THC shares through us on their IPO – up 325% on listing as of 20 Nov 2017. CannPal CP1 also up 25% – medicinal marijuana for your pet!

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