1. Introduction: Hammy, Sean and Steve from ‘The Bull of Wall Street’

    1:09 General market/economy…no crash, inflation, interest rate, liquidity, and volatility

    11:35 Sectors and trends for 2021…renewable energy, telehealth and rare earth materials

    14:08 $SX and $SXOOF (St. Georges Eco-Mining Corp), copper, lithium, and fertilizer byproduct

    21:10 Commodity boom – $IDK $IDKFF and $SX $SXOOF

    23:57 New Release and Updates $SHG $SHGFF, $PKK $PKKFF, $IP $IPNFF

    25:25 $MTRX $RACMF

    25:46 $AUAG $AUXIF

    26:14 $PKK $PKKFF

    26:53 $PBX $PWWBF

    27:34 $AUAG $AUXIF again and $FANS $FUNFF

    28:37 $WIN $WINKF and $DFLY $DFLYF

    32:14 $ICAN $ICNAF

    Viewer Questions…

    36:48 Mexico’s stock market and emerging markets

    37:53 $OG


    44:02 $CBDT $EPWCF and $TSF $UTOLF

    44:41 $IDK $IDKFF

    46:16 $OG

    49:00 $PKK $PKKFF

    51:00 $MTRX $RACMF again, $TBIX and $OG again

    52:15 Inflation, general market and $PKK again

    53:44 $IP $IPNFF

    54:58 $ZEU and $SX $SXOOF again

    56:48 Futures and market looking forward

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