Jordan Peterson Rehab | Dangers of Benzodiazepine Withdrawal

This video answers the questions: What can we learn about the Jordan Peterson rehab situation? Are mental health professionals vulnerable to substance …


  1. My mother took clonazepam for years and her family doctor cut her off without weaning her in her '80s! The first question I had for him was why bother now? My mother became very ill within four days she had horrible nausea and vomiting and shaking and didn't know what it was until she called me. I then told my mother she was withdrawing and should go to the hospital because she had had a heart attack in the past. She didn't go to the hospital and I believe it shortened her life because she was crazy with anxiety and passed away within 2 years. My mother had panic disorder which no other medication would work for most of her life. She had taken other tranquilizers that didn't help very much and then she was tried on clonazepam which brought her right down and you wouldn't have known it she had any issues at all.

  2. His BZDs story never made sense, now that he’s recognized that he’s been having depressions make much more. I still recall the 1st time I saw him, I immediately thought that his mood was not ok, and that he was trying to “hide the real truth” – even to himself. I think he’s incomprehensible too often, and he also talks about many topics, which dilutes what could be useful information.

  3. I’ve been clean for like 15-almost 20 years so I can talk about this casually: Detoxing from benzos is worse even than detoxing from heroin. Long term alcohol and benzos are probably the worst things in the world to detox from. I’ve never experienced alcohol withdrawal but I’ve seen it. Awful.

  4. I'm a recovering alcoholic who's 63. You understand the affect(?) of withdrawal. I think there should be more focus on how drugs and alcohol play a role on the serial killers' violence. Keep up the good work.

  5. Wow. Just wow. You nailed it on this one Dr. Big. Bonus points for pointing out that addiction and dependence are two different things both psychologically and physiologically. Very few people – even mental health professionals – make that distinction. It's a critical one when it comes to treatment, and the two may be co-morbid. Benzos are a very powerful class of medications. Long term daily use should be avoided. They treat anxiety symptoms not the underlying biological and/or psychological pathologies that causes them. I suffered for decades from anxiety and depression I now understand were related to a combination of trauma and high functioning autism (Asperger's) that makes me vulnerable to these conditions. It was HELL. Literally. I never got in trouble with any drugs, so I'm fortunate. In the end, I was cured – and I mean cured – by a single Ketamine infusion treatment at a Los Angeles clinic 3 years ago. It was a miracle, and it gave me back my life. I suspect that the years of psychotherapy and self help set the stage for my recovery, so I believe in a holistic approach to treating mood disorders. Drugs certainly have their their place, but like psychotherapy, they can do a lot of harm if not administered appropriately. In the end, luck plays a role as well. I simply refused to give up – even in grip of constant morbid thoughts that terrified me about suicide, death, dying, pain, and the utter pointlessness of life itself. So whoever you are, if I came back from that hell, so can you. Dont give up.

  6. You are THE example for professionalism, my friend. Keep up the great videos, Doctor! I’ve been on a binge of your videos but I think this is my first comment on your channel. I’m thoroughly impressed and just subscribed 😉👍

  7. On this medication you cannot stop cold turkey it will come back tenfold to haunt you the medication is that sauce is in and out like it’s so fast taking in your bloodstream I don’t know how to explain it not a good idea

  8. The idea he was taking the medication as prescribed is RIDICULOUS!!! Rehab changes your mental dependence, addiction to anything is characterized by a negative effect on your life caused by the use of the drug. Taking 2 Benzo a day as prescribed is not an addiction, no negative consequences so just take the 2 a day. Risk vs reward, how will his life improve off the 2 Benzo a day? It won’t change at all!! You won’t notice it except for sleep. Conclusion- He was taking massive amounts of Benzos to look the way he does in that video. If he didn’t go to rehab he was going to lose his license to prescribe meds. He was Pharmacy shopping and paying in Bit Coin. He is not far from bankruptcy if he doesn’t quit. I feel bad for dude but this happens to people who genuinely believe they are better and smarter than most and things like addiction or self destructive behaviors don’t apply to them.

  9. I never heard of Peterson before last week.
    I came upon a video of him very young.
    I have watched his videos for 4 days.
    In date order.
    I watched the video when he explains the results of research regarding men & women's differences.
    He himself was surprised.
    You watch a man go from articulate professional to crying half the size.
    My question is why is everything on video.
    Why broadcast everything?
    If my life was falling apart I would take a break on being on video & broadcasting myself.
    Maybe you should contact him.
    It's a shame to see him today vs 2019.
    Some People in this field go into it to find themselves.

  10. Currently going through benzo withdrawal after abusing ativan because of some traumatic stuff. It's not easy, and it's scary. But these videos help in their own way.

  11. I was prescribed ativan for almost 2 years. Tried to taper but that didn't work. I went to an expensive detox for 10 days where they gave me phenobarbitol for withdrawal. After leaving, shaking with massive anxiety I ended up in the ER twice! My doctor would not prescribe anything but blood pressure medication. I suffered for almost 2 years!! Bad detox- horrible treatment. I can't believe I lived through this nightmare. If I had to go through anything like this again I would kill myself!

  12. Klonozepam was never addictive for me. I was on it for 10 years at 1mg every 3 days.I never had to take more but the heroine addicts and other junkies ruin it for everyone.Klonopin is the best medication for anxiety but luckily Zoloft comes at a close 2nd. Thank heaven for Zoloft.

  13. cant get fully off florazapam. cant switch to clonazepam. tried it. nope. i asked the dr 32 years ago if it was addicting. that psyc said no. he killed hisself in 1984. i did get off it in 1982 for a pregnancy. self motivated. terrible. the whole 10 months. got apnea. a neurologist told me when i was off it ten days , five years later, to pick up a presc immediately and take it right away and do not eat anything. he said i would need two years in a medical hospital to get off it. i had two little kids. i hate hospitals. two years. i said no. since i try to take it every 2nd to 4th day. the chest pains dont come til 5 days. the mini seizures dont start til 6+ days. otherwise i dont do drugs or alcohol. i asked if it was addicting. i worked for the government four years and they knew i was on it. after a snafu last year where they wouldnt prescribe for a coule months (why?) if they stopped tomorrow i can guarantee you i would still have a nice couple years. during the two months they stuck me on the harsh extremely downer all too strong half a clonazepam (low dose) a day, our large dog crushed the skull of our puppy. and our baby was sick and no one would listen and eventually died (and was barely brought back thank god) eventually childrens hospital removed part of a cyst in her throat they say she was born with, but i went through all that on no med. what bs. i hate the way drs can be cold or cool about lying, putting you on a drug, and then can be cold or cool when ripping you off it. also i have had insomnia since i was 2 1/2 when my sister 3 months old died in her sleep due to heavy chain hcl or leukemia and that my father had no patience for me , no night light, no coming out of my room to say i m scared. sometimes i would stand all night til light out in the middle of my room. he ran our house like the military, no talking, no excuses. and now a pandemic. who can sleep now. * my son (on clonazepam since a beating age 15) has been lessening his dose dr orders and more, hasnt felt well for six months or more (he successfully worked at at&t until a couple months ago, but had a long commute and lots of bridges which caused anxiety attacks, i would have to pick him up). *also how much does two years cost when you helped save a life because you were home? how safe is that now? *its cool to gloss over whatever for the fun of it for 20 minutes, but people die of that.

  14. I've been taking the same drug for years for spinal cord injury.
    25 , 5 ml pills last me about 10 months.
    I consider myself to have an addictive personality and understand why he had drama getting off them.
    I can't abuse them because I can't hold my bladder properly and these make it worse, don't want to embrace myself in the wrong situation.
    So thats a governing factor of not over use or habit forming.
    Dr Paterson is a top man in my books and I wish only the best for him.

  15. I'm so proud of him for going to rehab, he was setting a good example. I believe he angered alot of powerful people and had even more stress than most could understand also.

  16. I have taken 2mg of clonazepam a day for almost two years… Once, I had a anxiety attack and took 22mg at once! I felt absolutely nothing.
    I'm not an addicted, I stopped taking clonazepam once for more than one month and had no crysis. Maybe I have been given a placebo.
    I recommend people NOT TO TAKE clonazepam! It will make you addicted and not treat the roots of your panics and anxiety! Be careful.

  17. I’ve been prescribed (safely, responsibly used) xanax for over 20 years. Now that my doctors (2 that each agreed Xanax was the best treatment for ME*) have retired, every new doctor I’ve tried to find refuses to refill it. I have a couple of pills and dust in a bottle I’ve been stretching out. I’m losing my mind. My health is tanking. New doctors ignore the 20+ years of *responsible use that’s in ALL of my records. My retired doctors NEVER told me to quit pot entirely. It’s legal for recreation in Michigan. I can’t think straight enough to finish this post right- I signed (literally) to take it for the rest of my life! Now new scared wussy doctors won’t check or give any credence to my retired doctors, and because they found pot in my pee, they won’t write me anything “controlled”, stating “pot isn’t federally legal”. But Kratum is. CBD is. Alcohol is. Salvia even is.

    Nobody has EVER, in 4,000-10,000 years of historically recorded use died from pot. Ever. Can that be said of aspirin? Prozac? Tylenol? Booze? No. They PREFER I DIE. What do I do???

  18. My mum has been taking 0.5mg for last 16 years..I am not even sure why, initially for vertigo and then her GP kept prescribing it. She is 77 now and has banance problems while walking. I don't know if it's a side effect of clonazepham or just aging. I also don't know if she should go to rehab at that age or she should continue taking them?

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