GREAT EARNINGS, BUT THE STOCK DIPPED?!🧨 Will I Buy $HITIF? (Upcoming High Tide Stock Catalysts) 🔥

I made this video on the requests I’ve been receiving in the comments of my other videos. High Tide Inc. just reported their Q4 2020 Earnings results. They are …


  1. Thanks for this, Adam. The deep fundamentals are bananas good and the management is fierce. I'd really like to hear your thoughts on his discussion today. EDIT: "His" being Raj G. LOL! Sry. Also, they opened their 75th store two days ago. That's four new stores in as many weeks. These guys are savages. Thanks, again.

  2. Got to buy the Dip. I never heard of price ratio before. So I guess it kinds of shows the potential of the company. I don't know much about stocks but channels like your help me to keep gaining more knowledge about them.

  3. I'm definitely going to add $HITIF to my watchlist and keep an eye on them. I'm personally okay with going from 1,000 shares to 250 if they get listed. The benefit of being traded in a bigger market outweighs the downsizing of shares, imho. Also, it's easier to liquidate 250 shares at your desired ask, versus 1,000 if push comes to shove, right?

    Also, great video. I'm really enjoying your coverage on stock investments!

  4. Almost 300 views and only 20 comments? That’s awesome! That means you have loads of watchers here simply to glean from your knowledge and not just to let u know they watched your vid! You’re gonna take over the world one day, Adam!!

  5. Great analysis for a smaller growing company! I'm sure they will get acquired and get you more content to expand on. The opportunities for you are endless, super exciting man!

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