ELITE WEEK #064: Changes to the Universe; W/Mattius -GALACTIC WATER COOLER: FRI FEB 26TH 2021

CAST: KAI ZEN, ROY COOKSON, TWEAKED74, ARSON CROSS, MATTIUS On Air Producer: Swordsmith Graphics Producer: Kontrolldon Executive Producer: …


  1. 1) Arthur only mentioned bathrooms because someone asked about it. It's clear he was saying they are set dressing. And of course Star Citizen will be doing poo mechanics, even though they can't get fundamental networking functioning. 2) Crossplay? No thanks. If console players want to live behind the walled gardens of Sony and Microsoft, let them do so. Don't force that ** on us PC players by having crossplay! Just look at all the whining and moaning about console players having to wait for Odyssey because PC players will affect the BGS first. That wouldn't be a problem if console players had their own BGS!

  2. If they want us to get attached to particular weapons, it makes no sense to need a dozen different sniper rifles. I think the fdev answer was poorly worded (surprise) and they need to clarify if there is a distinction between 'attachments' and weapon engineering. They may have even meant, you can't change attachments on the fly, so you better make sure you're equipped properly for the mission (duh). Who knows, they excel at being vague.

  3. Another great show, I say it again : 3 hours is what we need 😇
    Keep up the good work and see you next week with hopefully some news to discuss about Odyssey because we’ll be « early march ».


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