BJ's Wholesale Haul ~ Topping Off the Pantry & Freezer ~ Rising Prices

BJ’s Wholesale Haul ~ Topping Off the Pantry & Freezer ~ Rising Prices #BJ’sWholesale #GroceryHaul #RisingPrices Shopping through our Amazon link, helps …


  1. My vacuum cleaner came with a little accessory kit that was designed specifically for vacuuming out really small things like Electronics , keyboard, those little places in your car that you can't seem to get to. It might be worth looking to see if you can buy one of those little kids online and you can save a few buck. I like using canned air myself but it's also getting a little expensive so it's just a thought. Hope all is well!

  2. I’m curious if any of you store chips and for how long. Because I had some of those big boxes of lunch bag size chips like Sun chips and we just opened one of them and they’re like all like stale and almost feel damp. The room is not damp at all. We also had that happen to a couple bags of Fritos. And they were completely unopened the small bags were in a sealed box.

  3. Keeping a full stock an pantry topped off is a benefit as prices rise because it wint cost as much to keep things stocked as you use them an stock up regularly than to wait till things are empty then try to stock up in thede rediculous rising prices.

  4. Love 💗 your hair! I’m a licensed esthetician, so anything beauty I’m about lol. I was just at our Walmart tonight, and grabbed some Mountain house meals for my long term storage. I also stopped by my vet, and asked about getting some wet food for our cats, they are going to get a case of 24 cans, $42 which is decent. My kitties have a special urinary diet, dry food is around &100 for a 17 pound bag. I make homemade dog food for my brothers pitty when he visits. Pumpkin, rice, sweet potatoes, and sometimes some chicken. He is a spoiled puppy at Aunties house lol 😂 God bless!

  5. Jenny what's your recipe for dog food? I have 2 pits… 45# and 65# so I need a lot can you give me some ideas please ma'am. Great video as Always and God Bless you and your family from middle GA 🙏 Kendra

  6. Looks like a really good haul! Our closest BJ’s is in Lebanon NH, about 3 hours away but only about an hour from Jon’s Dad. Think next time we go to NH I’ll have to buy a membership. I wonder if they offer a 1-time shopping pass to check it out? Only Costco in the whole state is over an hour away and we have to go to Plattsburgh NY to get to a Sam’s Club. Oh, the struggles of rural living!

  7. Hey Jinne 👋🏻 I love the scarf with your top! I am sure that as in Maine we in Ohio wear scarves daily during the fall, winter, and spring! You (all of us in the north) cannot have tooooo many scarves 🧣😉😁❤️ Blessings from Green 🌱Ohio ❤️❄️🥶⛄️

  8. Good evening Jinne from the North Georgia mountains 🍑
    I absolutely love BJ"S bagels 🥯 SOOOOOO yummy
    Gotta go stock up later this week
    Hope you're having a good evening 🐧🐧

  9. Do you have one of those jelly/jam makers like Walmart has?I think it is made by ball,not sure haven't seen one in a while, but I was wondering if they are worth the buy,Thanks in advance

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