Best Cannabis Stocks to buy RIGHT NOW 🇺🇸(Not $TLRY $APHA $SNDL) 📈 🔥 Buy in before they HYPE 🚀 $TCNNF

Today we jump into a new topic. US Cannabis Stocks aka Multi State Operators (MSOs). A lot of the attention is on Canadian Cannabis stocks like Tilray …


  1. I've been into Cresco since it was at $2 and continue to ad. They are accumulating licenses in all major states. What people don't understand is that states are going to limit licenses even if federal law changes. It will be hard for the Canadian companies to tap into those. The US companies will already have the majority of the market share.

  2. Man how crazy would it be for the American companies buying the Canadian companies. The stats on Colorado vs Canada are wild too. I didn't think it was that crazy.
    LMAO the non dominant hand like. Always clutch lol
    As soon as it gets to recreational level it's over. US is going to dominate the space.

  3. I was having trouble buying TRUL via my Canadian brokerage with a market order. When I did a price limit order, it worked. Thanks for the tips Adam, another bit of fantastic analysis.

  4. Ignorant question: what happens if I buy this stocks on the OTC Market and then some of these companies get listed in the USA? My shares will just be transferred? Or I will still have them OTC?

  5. So would you say the Canadian ones aren't looking good? I figured I'd gotten TLRY at a decent deal…and then the market decided to dive into the concrete. I can't help but worry that when the market takes a swing back up everyone will have moved on from Canadian cannabis and onto American.

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