RED ALERT: Food Supply Chain Shutting Down as Blackouts Spread – Grand Solar Minimum

Texas’ Ag Commissioner has issued a RED ALERT as the power grid is down and our food supply is grinding to a halt. Agriculture is not “critical infrastructure,” …


  1. Poor Texans, maybe being on their own power grid and not weatherizing wasn't such a good idea! I feel bad for the people but yeah this is what you get with your Texan Republicans. And they sure wanted those federal dollars didn't they, lmfao. By the way you've been whining about food supply breakdowns forever and nothing has affected anyone yet so…

  2. Relax people – Bill Gates will make sure we have plenty of fake meat to eat. And spiders, cats, dogs, cockroaches, snakes, babies, and dead people. Yum yum. That's why he bought all that farmland.

  3. 1,350 pounds of organic wheat per hectare per harvest.

    In Russia the new wheat variety can produce 10 metric tons of wheat grain per hectare per harvest under Russian climatological, meterological, hydrological, and soil conditions in the Southern Russian regions in the Kuban Oblast region.

    2,380 pounds per hectare of rye of the 1920 heirloom natural genetic variety from the Kirghis Steppe.

    In Russia, rye is the most COLD-RESISTANT AND COLD-TOLERANT AND DROUGHT-RESISTANT AND DROUGHT-TOLERANT Russian rye variety and rye has a much higher protein content than that of wheat.

    Average yield of organic barley was reported to be 3319 kg/ha.
    Barley is far more cold-tolerant than millet and eventually bypassing cold-tolerant wheat and is equal to cold-tolerant rye.

    To ensure the survival of the American people, then do what must be done now.

    Plant cold-tolerant and cold-adapted barley and rye. Cold tolerant Peruvian root crops.

    Add your present native American edible crops too to increase your survivability. 20 Native North American Foods with Stories to Tell

    List of root vegetables

    Rock dust powders mixtures can increase yields by 4 to 5 tiimes.
    Biochar powders mixtures can increase yields by 880% or 8.8 times.

    Combine the two experimentally in equal equal proportions by volume and wait on what will happen. I am not telling you to do it. I am just suggesting you to experiment with it on a small scale and see what would happen when the two are combined together in equal proportions and what result(s) they will produce. GOOD LUCK!

  4. Uhm.. now that people are catching on that scientists have intentionally misled people over CO2, and the full components of the "the climate system" being proposed without the sun and magnetosphere..
    Here is the news of the latest study of "uhoh we better cover our backsides"… Search this video:
    Solar Cycle History For the Past 1000 Years Reveals a Few Surprises.. by a fellow I generally follow, but sadly.. is a babe in the woods on this subject.
    When you hear.. what they propose.. and WHY.. you will howl with either anger or laughter.. the cycle of BS and TRUST US, begins again.

  5. This news comes after Biden’s administration didn’t allow Texas power
    plants to operate at 100% capacity during the polar vortex resulting in
    massive power outages.

    Biden’s DOE refused Governor Abbott’s request and instead offered to
    allow certain power generation facilities a waiver if they raised the
    prices they charged to Texans to more than $1,500/MWh resulting in
    massive statewide power outages and a failure of the grid.

  6. Best take a deep research dive into HARRP! Learn what is going on! But the Supply Chain is definitely slowing if now collapsing. 100’s of Ships anchored off shore on West Coast…no room at the Ports. Guessing the food supply is at risk…water is also in jeopardy.

  7. Start seeds? 🤔 when its 30° or colder in most of their homes? Seeds need a couple basic things to sprout and grow..water and warmth are 2 of them. I dont know how freezing temps and no power or water makes for a great time to start seeds. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  8. A long time ago my mother said," I think you're going to live in a cave someday."
    A comment more about my lifestyle then a premonition. However;
    I've seen some really nice caves and caverns. A lot of us have. Natural Hot and cold running with geothermal heat.
    Overlooking fertile Coastal farmland and productive fishing grounds.
    I sure hope she's right!

  9. I live in area with hydroelectric power. We’ve not had any problems with supply ever in my 40 years of life. As long as the infrastructure keeps getting basic maintenance this area should do well with this issue. Just throwing that out there for anyone that might be looking to relocate anytime soon. Hydroelectric supply is a big bonus in the years to come imho.

  10. 4:00 8 million gallons of milk poured down the drain?
    FYI powdered whole milk is nutritious and makes a really creamy smoothie

    Not powdered skim milk powdered whole milk also powdered heavy cream is super excellent just expensive though

    Why would you throw milk out when you could powder it?

  11. God.


    I LOVE you!

    You are my LIGHT, my HOPE, MY DREAMS, even MORE is you are REALity.
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  14. Ready for what? God says they sacrifice babies to BAAL and call it "legal abortions"…they sacrifice for nothing, all in vain.  In fact, it angers God. There is not enough heifers in all history to make up for the sins of those who call themselves Jews and are not, but are of their father the devil and of the synagogue of satan. Maybe Israel the state should call on Jesus Christ, and live by Moses commandments that are the Lord my Gods, The 10. Not the Talmud. Most importantly is recognize their m
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  15. The greatest trick the devil ever played was getting people to believe he does not even exist.

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  16. Hello.
    It will be one disaster after another.
    You all should know already.
    These are end days…
    So, go ahead…keep living to serve your own flesh and will happen no matter what you do..
    God does not deviate from His word…

  17. For those of you who poo-poo having solar panels and/or rain collection systems on/for your house, I hope you are understanding now that labeling alternatives fuel sources as 'liberal' is destructive. Also, Houston's Vietnamese (and in other cities with Vietnamese or even Mexican suburbs) communities are full of houses surrounded by edible landscaping: veg, orchards, ornamentals that double as edibles (spices usually or condiments). Instead of sticking your noses in the air regarding 'diversity', try learning from them. They grow veg year round – as do Amish. Labeling anything that is useful or leads to self-sufficiency as 'liberal' is backasswards.

  18. This story about the risk of "a month without power" stinks to me. Crisis planned in advance. It's just a matter of how far they will take their plans, and if they may get pushed back.

  19. I’m in agreement with Keith Nystrom, “alright you green energy a**holes”.
    They’ve been planning to create a situation they could capitalize on and now they’re pulling out all the stops to force their agenda on us. Anyone for some synthetic meat and bug larvae? The green a**holes have just been their useful idiots and are just to stupid to know they’ll be in the same boat.

  20. I've warned about the following for months, now the first reports are coming in. The worst is yet to come, unless we protest it; a supposed rise in "birdflu" is going on, look up H5N8. They are exterminating poultry to attack our food supply. The same people furthering this agenda hold the majority of agricultural land. Spread this around FAST. We need to pre-emptively cut off this fake news. Do not fall for another supposed "pandemic".

  21. Where is the proof that grain is a good supply of food for humans or animals? I think that's just a big $$$ lie. What I do know is that grain is glucose/sugar, the source material of FAT and inflammation. Animals only eat grain to fatten them up quickly.. Gee that is exactly what glucose does(makes fat). We are just so fooled.

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