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Half the British population is overweight, but eight million are clinically obese. These people are turning to drastic – even dangerous – measures to lose weight.


  1. I enjoyed the documentary. Does anyone know when the video actually filmed, follow-up stories for the women who participated in the weight loss program? I believe early 2000s around the time the drug was in use and d/c.

  2. I’m so glad I lost about almost 😅 80lbs by exercises every single day (BTW I lost the weight without any weight loss surgery), now I can go to shops 🏬 buying size 12 clothes instead of size 22s and turning heads not because I’m freakishly fat, I just look so hot now and got a hot body.

  3. They really should post Warnings with these videos!
    Sibutramine was a widely used weight loss treatment before being withdrawn in the United Kingdom in 2010 due to safety concerns that it could potentially increase the risk of strokes or heart attacks. Its use has also been suspended in the United States, Europe and China.

  4. She’d rather put herself at risk walking at night than be seen huffing and puffing. Sod what other people think…you’re not walking around eating a Big Mac, you’re actively trying to fix the problem!

    Not sure I’d risk the pill though. I’ve just lost nearly 4 stone in 22 weeks by walking more and watching the calories. I could really stuff my face a lot lately but I don’t…because I want to get healthy! Willpower. I know it’s hard…but so is being unhealthy. I have 3 more stone to go 💪

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