Where I'm INVESTING $100,000 in 2021 for Covered Calls and Cash Secured Puts – REAL TRADER!

Where I’m INVESTING $100000 in 2021 for Covered Calls and Cash Secured Puts – REAL TRADER! Here’s your *UCPTD Premium Membership (1) Free Month …


  1. I have been using BIG selling covered calls and cash secured puts. Been very profitable. What you teach really does work with a small account to grow into a larger account over time. Capital appreciation, dividend capture, and premium profits! Thank you! To anyone who doubts you, I am living proof with taking time to study, putting skin in the game as you say, going slowly this really is doable and I too work full time. Keep doing what your doing John and I love the motivation! Bless you and your family!

  2. Love the Channel and look forward to watching the new video's, keep up the fantastic work. A question I have is why not do a Cash Secured Put (CSP) instead of buying the shares outright on most of the stocks you mentioned instead of buying the commons? If it came down to your price you could get in at a discount instead of paying the market price otherwise you get the premium and repeat. I have Covered Calls (CC) on BA, AAPL / Cash Secured Puts on BA, DKNG, SQM.

  3. Thanks for this video. I made 40% last year and your site is one that got me started doing this strategy. Looking to refine my techniques and keep it rolling. Cheers!

  4. Core position Trading should be given the top money managing sector disruptor. This service is worth way lot more what he is offering. Moreover he is giving the money to charity. Thank you thank you thank you so much for such an excellent service…

  5. Thank you John. If it weren't for you doing this I wouldn't even think this is possible. You motivate and inspire me. This has been a game changer for me and my family

  6. What set up do you use for your Keltner Channel? For example do you use a daily chart? Do you use a 20 period chart and 2 times multiplier for ATR? Again thanks for the info

  7. I have been trading PLTR with success. Buying a couple 100 shares and selling CC when its high, and writing puts when its low. Have had to roll down and out a couple of times, but still a good stock to trade on a small account with share prices around 20-30$ and really high implied volatility.

  8. Great subscription John, your ideas are spot on! Over last 3 months my CCW and CSP's have involved, SPY, DIA, TQQQ, AVGO, LABU, AAPL , and TNA. I add extra juice with DKNG, WKHS, and will start using PINS soon

  9. John, love the channel, doing HYLN, FUBO, RMO, IDEX, NIO, and JWN, $1720 I. Guaranteed premium in January so far! Started the year with a $18k account, my goal is to gain $1500/month in premium, love that guaranteed money! I will be reinvesting the premiums to try and generate even more every month. Thanks for motivating me.

  10. Jon, do you have a discord for us members? Also, more focus on us small accounts for stocks under $30.00 would help us. Are bank roll isn’t as large as yours

  11. Hey John, love your 2021 Goal $60k! We all will enjoy the ride with you this year. Hey I like the stock picks you have targeted and currently using PINS & DKNG. If you could let us know when you buy the stock and the strike price/#shares when you do that would we ideal. 2020 used TQQQ, AMD, MAR, AAPL to name a few. Always seeking others for juicer premium plays.

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