What are your thoughts on acupuncture after a transfer? (Ask the Egg Whisperer with Dr. Aimee)

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  1. 3 years ago I decided to have an ultra sound to determine why I suffered such debilitating menstrual cramps, my gyn only found a very small ovarian cyst and sent me on my way with some Advil. a year later I started having chronic urinary type infections and on the 3rd visit was told I had a huge fibroid or cyst. I immediately had another ultra sound and found the cyst had grown to 7.5 centimeters. My gyn than wanted to do immediate surgery and explained that if they can't drain it that most likely I would need a hysterectomy. When I asked why and how cyst occur, his only answer was that it is complicated. So I went home got on the Internet reviewed hundreds of web sites and found no reasonable explanation for cyst formation until coming upon a testimony on how Dr. Gadagodo cured a woman from the ovarian cyst. At this point I was in chronic pain from the cyst pressing against my bladder, and had developed chronic odor in my urine for 6 months that even the antibiotics could not cure. I contacted Dr. Gadagodo and he told me that his herbal medicine can get rid of the cyst. I ordered for the herbs and he prepared it and sent it to me through UPS Delivery service and I got it after 5 working days because i was in North California. I started taking the medicine as prescribed by Dr. Gadagodo…..I took the herbal medicine for 3 weeks. AND After using the herbal medication made by Dr. Gadagodo for just 3 days the odor and pain gradually started reducing . after 3 weeks of taking the medicine, I went back to my gyn and I had another Ultra Sound, the Cyst was no longer found. it's been more than 10 months I took the herbs and I have no symptoms everyone tells me I look 100% better than i was few weeks back, I sleep better and feel and thanks to Dr. Gadagodo and the best bonus of all I HAVE NO MORE MENSTRUAL CRAMPS. You can reach him via Email. gadagodospiritualtemple@gmail.com

    Watsapp +254113288782.

  2. Hi Dr. Aimee! Ty so much for the info! Truly appreciate the detailed explanation that you provide. I’m hoping to get advice: I’m 27 yrs old w/ PCOS. My husband (27) and I got check for everything. Fortunately he is all good. We have been trying for 2 yrs (1.5 medicated n timed intercourse) n moving on towards IVF. My RE wants me to be put on birth control before starting the process (standard practice) but I don’t want to. My AMH is 4.86 (which dropped from 6.79 the year before). All my other levels (FSH, LH, TSH, etc) were within normal range. Should I push for the antagonist protocol (to decrease chance of OHSS) w/o bcp? How can I advocate not doing bcp or is this a loss cause?

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