The Government Is TERRIFIED of The Budding Cannabis Industry But It CAN’T Be Stopped!!

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  1. the 3 stores in my community that were supposed to open STILL fucking haven't due to shortages ….I don't even smoke, I just want to buy some fucking CBD oil for fuck sakes, why is that so hard? …..

  2. @Press For Truth : Synthetics! At 12:07, Lucas Birdsall says ICC has just invested $1.2mn USD into a private cie of Boston, Mass., adding that it's " staffed by Harvard and M.I.T. professionals " and that they're " looking into synthetic cannabinoids ". Lucas goes on to explain that this would be very highly profitable and, sure, business always has PROFIT for a top interest or goal; but, it'ld be good to know what the synthetics involves and absolutely everything it produces in these cannabinoids. Synthetic clothing, f.e., is usually acceptable, but we surely wouldn't want to consume the stuff internally, for the latter definitely wouldn't be at all appealing, just as GMO foods, which are meant for consuming internally, aren't at all appealing and surely aren't healthy.

  3. @Press For Truth : Dan, at the start of the video you say that marijuana has become "all out" legal at the national level in Canada and that's quaint, but it's definitely not a panacea, for the laws or provincial laws vary from province to province; some passably lenient and some being still too strong against reasonable human and citizen rights. This is according to a little I've read about this topic and I think it's similar in the US, though am not sure.

  4. DAN this entire idea stinks, i don't condone multinationals coming anywhere. The industry should be left to small medium enterprises aka (msi's) I am 100% against anyone growing my Cannabis but myself. greed and more greed.
    if we are to ever change this horrible bitter culture were the fat cats want to get richer, or grab the niche. We must just allow anyone in the entire world grow, smoke, eat it. Multi nationals don't deserve anything from what is natures finest. this lad looks all hyped up, over greed. People see through this crap, and will see these asshole only care about money. if i was able to grow legally id give to away to anyone how needs to be treated for Cancer.

    I am tired of these muppet's jumping on the band wagon for a fast buck. Dan you need to have an open debate on this topic, he isn't getting my vote (Ever) I grow i own forever and ever. governments are the poison here nobody else, greed and the love for cash, sick really distasteful.

    Leave it to people who need work and can make a living, no to the fat cats, piss off fatties.

  5. Wake up, Canada… Recreational Drug consumption IS A MAJOR reason why Turd-eau slipped through UNNOTICED unto the top of your government! You've got alcohol and other "intoxicating" and "hallucinagenic" chemicals that had been TESTED and proven ALMOST 100% safe… stick with them… And keep your eyes on the LIES and DECEPTIONS of this "libertard"/socialist/communist/progressive-leftist "opium-war-modern-day-reversal" machinations courtesy of authoritarian, socialist and communist countries like China, Venezuela, etc.

    HOah! Deus Vult! Semper Fi! Stand for the Truth!!! Stop DELUDING YOURSELVES for "fun"!
    Joseph theVagabond, <RWG> <SSWG> <1PCWSWGod>

  6. Ladies and gentleman, please don't end up like Cindybin2001 and emulate so much hatred. Although..she has done a service uniting people who advocate marijuana and all it's wonderous uses, but also people with common sense and the people who still took the time to think for themselves and research diligently despite never trying it.

  7. Satan is happy that you are pushing his agenda… 10 years from now when you are starving in the streets, you will realize how wrong you are about all of this. I like this channel usually, but you 2 morons have no clue what life is about.

  8. Press the truth, the Earth is flat bro don't call it a planet please it's a plane it is flat and it is not moving and the sun moon and stars Circle up above us just like Genesis chapter one says so think about that bro

  9. Usually a fan of PFT, what the hell is this? Please cover the flipside; huge companies getting busted for stock manipulation, mass produced, over priced, poor quality weed in the stores and mom and pop are sticking their necks out, risking jail time if they keep up what they have been doing for decades: providing good weed to people. Calling the current situation "legalization" is an insult to anyone with a brain in their fucking head.

  10. I dated a Reynold (Reynold tobacco Co) in 1970. He told me that they had plans to sell 'joints' and that is why cigarettes like Virginia Slims came out. They wanted to get the public ready for those smaller joints. They had plans for all kinds of products. That was 50 years ago. I guess they never were able to take over the marijuana industry. Thank God!

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