Strain Hunters RAW: Colombia – Behind the scene's with VICE – FULL LENGTH

In 2013 the Strain Hunters invited VICE to come with them to Colombia to film the first episode of the Kings of Cannabis series hosted by Krishna and filmed by …


  1. Respect Franco 👊👊 🙏🙏 just a little question about what happened to Franco did he pass away from malaria because in this film one of there insiders pulled a bug off his chest with Simon and is that how he passed away sorry for asking this question about it but it’s always been on my mind since he left us all 💚💚🙏🙏

  2. Damn, too bad I can’t speak Spanish and they didn’t translate 🙁 like 10 minutes of this is In Spanish, why would you not translate if the rest is in English? Smh what a shame to put together such a nice video and leave that out for many of us, seemed like some juicy important details .

  3. Please 🥺 🙏 tell me the best spots in mexico 🙏😊or link give me conection I'm going very soon… I want to get some more you have any contact s…

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