1. Good information I was wondering if you can tell me how many plants can you put under 1000 W Line how many plants can you put under 1000 W line and also how much nutrients which you feed them when they’re in the 5 gallon bucket vegetative stage plus when they’re in the flowering stage please hit me back

  2. Wow man best garden I've seen, can't believe you maintain this all on your own. You're the man! Thanks for all the videos and music!

    Also, don't listen to those negative comments everyone is immature and clearly people are jealous of those skills you've honed.

  3. Clean and tidy. Beautiful grow room. You're a Perfectionist! Was a very relaxing video to watch. You took your time to shoot this and the narration was very informative. Thank you Chef Beezy!

  4. I enjoy all your videos and have read 2 of your books. Keep them coming Chef B they are great! One of the biggest issue for us in Canada to grow our own legally is finding startup supplies. A good suppliers (legal) of seeds would be awesome! Keep up the great work.

  5. It's CANNABIS! Marijuana is a made up fictional name. It is a slur imho! One would think someone like you would not use it. Cannabis cannabis cannabis!

    Nice garden! I've been growing my own for eight years for all of the reasons you mention, but outside. It is cheaper and safer for me where I happen to live. I have an idea for a greenhouse with lights that will enable me to have two harvests per season. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  6. Nice video chef, keep them coming I learn a lot from you, I hope you can keep going your a inspiration to myself and others our age 👍🏻✌🏻so hang in there Peace

  7. Haters why could anyone even put 1 no like, Wow must be blind and can't hear at all. Anyways Hi haters. Can't hate them cause if it wasn't for all them haters we wouldn't be so famous,

    " RIGHT ???!!??!!?? "

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