Smoking a Cigarette and taking the Myers Briggs Test (RESULTS MAY SHOCK YOU!!)

smoking a cigarette and taking this myers briggs (myers brigs?) test and getting very shocking results!! jk, but this was a very fun video to make! this is basically …


  1. Nice video! I'm smoking a Turkish Royal as I learn more about you're videos. My question I have for you Jacob, what's the cigarette with lower quantity of nicotine levels? I smoke frequently, and as a Christian I believe it's a bad habit I picked up during my teen years, may sometime quit at one point in my life when I put my faith into it.

  2. As an INTJ-A it's refreshing to come across people at the same wavelength since it rarely happens.

    The mbti isn't for everyone but there are so many things about personality traits that just hold true unlike zodiacs imo

  3. Man
    You even know Myers Briggs test ?
    And love anime ?
    We have a lot of common things
    I would like to smoke a cigarette with this guy
    It would be an entertaining conversation
    Talk about your favorite games in ps / Xbox next time

  4. LogisticianPersonality


    Is what I got. To name a few examples, George Washington, Sean Connery, John Malkovich. And the characters, Gibbs from the show NCIS, Bruce Wayne aka Batman and Ebenezer Scrooge. Interesting test!

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