1. You are so cool…!!
    Finally found someone with similar views on life like me, and I realised that what I think is not extraordinary and I can do it!
    Will be looking forward to learn from you in the future even after NEET PG❀️. Thanks!

    PS: I never watched such long video, but I watched it till the end and that too at normal speed. Hats off! You are a really good orator!

  2. sir my question is about US elective,for doing it,is it necessary to do TOFEL or IELTS is okk, becoz most of university has TOFEL in their requirements. TIA πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  3. I loved this video! Watched all 43mins of it (instead of watching my lecture) Best of luck for your future. You seem to have a geniune passion for knowledge and self improvement and it shows! Keep making content like this

  4. I know , no one will believe your way of achieving taget and enjoying success….very very few people know the power of positive mind and far more less than 0.00000001 percentage of people know the power of meditation… People will launch on you and will say it's waste of time better focus on study…but how…
    You are on right path… Keep going… And don't get disheartened by negative comments…. That will give you more strength and bestest thing will come out of for the world…..
    All the very best….
    Keep going…

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