1. If you guys want a free g of abuscis diesel go over to Diesel hemp they are the people that distribute it.They will send it to you for completely free shipping included If you sign up for there mailing list.Its some super gas.

  2. Yo have you tried the stardust from hemp hop? I It was my first time trying cbg and honestly I love it .it was extremely frosty and not a bad taste bro it put me to sleep couple hours after smoking 2 grams . Lol ima have to order me a oz . Also tried the boax cbd it was pretty decent I liked the cbg more

  3. I just ordered a ounce of tinier buds for a Bill with the discount code they sent me and I just cannot wait to try it ! I was curious when you said it’s in the top three hemp smells you’ve encountered …. which are your other top two ? much luv !

  4. Something I've always been curious about, and never understood. Why do people get frustrated when they receive "popcorn buds" vs big buds? Doesn't it all get broken down the same anyways? Is there a noticeable difference in effect/quality with small buds vs big buds?

  5. I actually sent an email actually about the bud size, for the price it's unacceptable. They repsonded with 2 eighths and a gram of dry sift lifter hash. I see good things with these kinds of genetics

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