1. For thousands of years humans used plants for medicinal purposes, and even today's pharmaceuticals are based on plants. I think God gave us plants for food and medicine, but not for recreational abuse.

  2. You mentioned four inhales can get you altered. I have found that with marijuana nowadays, you can get very altered with only one puff. Thank you for your ministry and continued help. May God greatly bless you.

  3. But is ok to use any kind of pharmaceutical meds with all kinds of harmful side effects. Dude you’re ok smokin weed. People who are against it have never used it. People used cannabis and many other plants for healing for centuries until the Rothchilds demonized natural meds, because they found out they could make synthetic meds out of petroleum. They have made billions since then.

  4. Eatin' Poison Ivy…a spurious (Bible Answer Man) argument indeed…in fact most of our medicines come from very Toxic plants…but their poisonous qualities neutralized, diluted or reduced can heal and relieve pain…wise healers in Jesus day knew of these gifts of the LORD…and foremost among them for centuries was Cannabis…

  5. Most if not all arguments you've mentioned are applicable to alcohol as well, yet you established in a recent episode that wine in moderation is a good thing.
    I'm not a proponent of cannabis usage, but still it feels like you are using a double standard. What is it exactly that makes cannabis a bad thing where alcohol is not if used in moderation?

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