1. I wish I would've had that ambition when I was your age. The ambition itself is worth more than all of the gold in this world. Keep it up and you can't lose. Thanks fella

  2. Sal, I appreciate your approach. I’ve been watching your stuff since nearly the beginning and I’ve definitely been helped over the years in how you operate and your transparency

  3. Sal congrats bro. Much respect and well wishes. Keep grinding 💪. You don't grind you don't shine. Lfg. Buy bitcoin and ethereum asap if you'd like to retire soon. God bless and much success salute

  4. Is the 153K+ strictly from subscribers or are you incorporating your DFS winnings in a category here or is this all strictly business related & your DFS/Gambling completely separate? You will have to let me know when and if you are in Denver…I am in Colorado

  5. You seem to be a pretty educated fella and may already know all about this, but you should look into starting a Roth IRA if you haven't already. Several undeniable benefits to having one, not a bad idea to stack a Roth IRA on top of whatever retirement account you already have. Keep up the good work brotha.

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