How To Cure Bronchitis In 1 Minute

How To Cure Bronchitis Fast, this video breaks down how to cure bronchitis permanently. Humidifier: We are a participant in the Amazon …


  1. hello sir.. i was very much worried about my bronchial condition then i tried using planet ayurveda products for my this condition.. soon enough my symptoms diminished.. my bronchoscopy report was better..

  2. I also recommend avoiding cold air, cigarette smoke, strong perfumes which can all trigger coughing fits for as long as a month after Bronchitis. I have found this out from personal experience.

  3. I still wonder why people believe there is no cure to Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis(IPF) because my husband go cured in using a herbal medicine we go from Dr Madida on YouTube. Y'all shouldn't believe what the Medical doctors are saying that there is no cure, there is a perfect cure to IPF from Dr Madida and this same herbal medicine cure my husband of his IPF.

  4. I have terrible bronchitis right now AND online school, in which our teachers tell us to keep our cameras on and I'm losing my voice and look like a mess. Wish me luck.

  5. So you expect me to stay away from triggers, chug water, breathe in a humidifier and steam, gargle salt water, and eat honey in one minute? AND NOBODY GOT TIME FOR DAT!

  6. I was a Chief Manager in a national bank in India . Shailesh.gujral on Facebook. My mother suffered from severe Asthma for almost 60 years of her life. Once I was transferred to Pathankot and there a saint met my mother who was distributing pamphlet papers telling about cure for Asthma. Simple recipe lemon tea with a spoon full of Apple Cider Vinegar and jaggery instead of sugar. For the first few days she started to cough out mucus in large quantities ( as mentioned/warned in pamphlet ) and now she is fully cured of Asthma. No fees , No expenses and 60 years old Asthma is fully cured and she is living happily now and is 72 years old . Anyone wish to talk to her may contact me on my phone 7505012557.

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  8. In Ayurveda, we use pure herbal formulation to prevent bronchitis. These herbal remedies help in regulating the functions of the lung and stomach. It helps to eliminate mucus and provides easy breathing.

    Chandigarh Ayurveda Centre provides you the natural ways to treat bronchitis by using the “Bronchitis Go Kit”. This kit contains ayurvedic medicines which help you to treat bronchitis and other respiratory problems. This kit contains five ayurvedic medicines such as Broncho care syrup, Cough Go Tablets, Cough powder, Giloy capsule, Kaph Ketu Rasa and Amrit Tulsi Ras.

  9. i was able to get rid of herpes virus with herbal medication i got from Dr Ayomede, living with herpes virus made me realize that herbal medication are very powerful and is of great use

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