How a South African Built a Multi Million Dollar Medical Cannabis Business in Africa

How a South African built a multi-million dollar medical cannabis business in Africa is another episode of my promoting Africa series where I feature black …


  1. This is excellent I love you working together as different Africans. I need guidance on finding international buyers. I have the capital, fully established farm but the blood line of buyers is what I need. I would appreciate some direction, or if you know of sourcing agents anyone onr here. Cheers

  2. Plants look sick, planting multiple plants in one pot, doesn't get seeds from reputable suppliers (Can't even be certain what strains they are growing) using terrible old fashioned lights, weed looks worse than anything I've ever seen before and wouldn't smoke it if you PAID me to.
    This is literally the worst weed I've ever seen in Africa, disgusting!
    It's incredibly clear to see from this video that they don't know what they're doing.

  3. That has to be some of the worst weed I've ever seen. Look at how sad that grow op looks! 🤣 Empty room with like 3 tiny dying plants… Clearly, this guy got a government grant or tender to start up the African Cannabis industry and this guy just blew all that money on cars and a house. Typical.

  4. Chronyisim.. This guy is where he is because of who he knows, not what he knows. Those grow rooms don't even look like you can grow a plant in them, no dehumidifiers, no air cons, etc.. They few plants/bud they did show looked terrible. There is no ways this is a producing facility.

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  6. Very inspirational video out of South Africa 🇿🇦. Do you know where we would be even if HEMP was legal to grow in Afrika??? Check out the MANY different uses/applications of hempcrete for instance👌🏾The research has already been done and it is a FACT that this biocomposite material is going to revolutionise OUR construction industry. Do you know that hemp built the American economy, for over 200 years it was used as legal tender to even pay taxes, their Declaration of Independence from Great Britain was written on hemp paper, the Americans later called prohibition of hemp & cannabis in 1937 in order to boost their tobacco industry??? Same tobacco that kills millions of people every year🤔. Wake up Africa, why are we waiting for acceptance from the West to start industries that WE KNOOOOW will work to then turn around & have to import it from them😡. Do your research family & it’s Alll there. I’m sure black politicians know the history also. We just need to Stand UP💪🏾& Stop being Cowards to these Oppressors who want the advantage of having a head start to keep us still in bondage. Cmon people LETS DO THIS!!!!!

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