Giant Cabbages 🌱 MarsHydro SP150 LED Grow Lights Update 🌱 Mini Growroom Vegetable Harvest

My Giant Cabbages are growing really fast under the MarsHydro SP150 LED grow lights in the grow room and they will now need to be moved into the …


  1. Your cabbages are looking incredible Terry! The light clearly is making a difference!! I see a 1st prize winner coming for sure!! So sorry to be late for the vid! Long story, but, I've been distracted and preoccupied with far too many things! Please forgive me, my friend!! Is it the light.. Everything is such a vivid colour of green! Really lush looking!! The microgreens at the back look like they are just about ready to harvest! Lots of chits coming on!! I'm surprised the Diablo is coming from 2016! LOL Terry "Brassicas" Naughty boy, indeed!!🀣 That is a lovely Jazz potato salad in the making! Free food! Now you have a home for the rockets! Perfect!! It's a great hobby, my friend! The best there is! Nice harvest!!! I'm yelling the mustard, Terry! LOL As always, lovely to see the grow room!! πŸ’š

  2. Great looking crops under lights Terry. You will soon outgrow the greenhouse. Good update on the state of the veg. Nice little harvest of spuds and veg. Staying out of Mrs. K hair 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣 I would be careful on spreading that around!!!
    Take care

  3. Great video.. Started giants already.. I dont think I have any giant seeds at moment. Think I used them all last year. I lost all my giant cabbages, only had giant kohl rabi left and then I put them in allotment and then it got taken from me was in lockdown so because they was in ground I couldn't dig them out so had to leave them

  4. Fridge goals! I followed your suggested of chitting potatoes in compost a few months ago for my xmas spuds. As you saw, they were pretty acceptable after only a couple of months so I think it helped get a quicker harvest in before the frost. Definitely a tip for everyone to try.

  5. Happy new year Terry and regards to the king family. I like all these lighting and comparisons video. So why are you not eating your Jer Arts? as quick as before, . I like ll these greens I'm building a green supermarket soon.

  6. You have a lot growing there. It’s nice to see the productivity. I like that capillary mat. I started using that same setup for seed storage last year. It works very well. Nice harvest.

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