Florida Man Shows Police His Marijuana Plant: Cops

When police rolled up on Arthur Carracino, the Florida man was dressed in nothing but a Speedo and an open flannel shirt, standing proudly beside his …


  1. Its just sad that you can be thrown in jail and charged for cultivation over 1 fn cannabis plant…this country is so sad! How about fixing the opiate addiction problem in this country instead of taking people to jail for a plant!

  2. So sad getting punished for a Plant that grows from the earth! Just legalize it everywhere already! Poor man was being so cool and wholesome, no need to ruin his life

  3. See idk why government and parents make weed out to be such a bad thing and I learned from the documentary “grass is greener” that there isn’t any actual proof it kills brain cells short term all we wanna do is smoke a joint and love everything and everyone

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