FloraFlex Nutrient Regimen Explained

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  1. Perfect grower nutrients has a powdered calmag that works super good they also have a powdered silica super cheap and super good. Just throwin that out there for any one lookin!

  2. My first time seeing grows with rockwool. Do you have any input towards floraflex vs grodan pargro? Its probably minimal with differences but id love to learn more about growing this way.

  3. @medgrower1 what height did you decide was best with the hlg 550s and 650s above the canopy in flower? I'm currently running both. please let me know and check my video out. I have a super frosty ice cream cut. I also just purchased flora nutes to try. I'll sub and please sub back. thanks bud keep it up! πŸ”₯πŸ’―

  4. YO @medgrower1 Ive been rocking VIVOSUN gear for a while now. great price point and seemingly good quality so far. Had a 1000 watt ballast pop in the first month and they replaced it no problem! Ace company in my opinion. and they're not giving me anything to say so too!

  5. What is the height of this area? How much do you lose from the containers? Do you have more head room now than when you had flood table(s)? (That was the same room, right?).


  6. Might switch the GMO and the Zookies in the breed chamber. I have never ran the GMO, but I hear she has a long flower time. Might be easier for ya to harvest the Zookies, Mimosa, and Dosi if they are up front while the gmo is finishing up. Anyways lookin good as always!

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