Early Edition: Legalization of marijuana will not affect Duterte's drug war says Cunanan

An expert believes the passage of the bill seeking to legalize the medical use of marijuana will show that the Duterte administration is sympathetic to the needs …


  1. Marijuana is a plant. Pills are drugs. Drugs have side effects, ranging from mild to severe. Drugs are owned (in high profit margin) by large multinational pharmaceutical companies, who are actually the perpetrators of drug distribution and addictions worldwide. Anyone from age 5 to 95 is on drugs, daily.

    Considering the president's stance on Atheism I'm quite surprised he doesn't support the scientific approach, nor allow for the mind expansive properties that Sativa strains enable, a crucial step in overcoming the colonial mentality ruled by fear and submission.

    The pinoys can benefit from some mind expansive experiences. Most importantly, Duterte can take away your basic rights to experience the healing medicinal benefits of the medical plant scientifically called Cannabis. But he can't take away your EndoCannabinoid Systems!

    It would just be sad to think that policy, which in effect, prohibits the healing and betterment of tens of millions of pinoys, based on a 1930s propoganda film named Reefer Madness…a feeble attempt at shutting down hemp production across the United States of America, something the nation was actually founded upon.

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