Buds are starting to get hard… I think this autoflower is almost done.. what do you think?

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  1. I'm not a fan of autos. I feel they are for people who are lazy or cant grow lol no offense I know you can grow. I'm not trying to knock anyone and in certain situations autos are the way to go personally I dont like that ruderalis mix. Buds look weird sometimes and not enough balls for me but the thc is getting better. Not just lowrider anymore lol

  2. Huh? So you ordered "The Black" advertised as a regular photoperiod plant, and it "autoflowered" on you? Seems many in the comments think this is an Autoflower variety.. Maybe accidentally sent the wrong strain? It happened to me 10 years ago from there. They apologized, and sent the right ones! From what I remember "The Black" was a very dark, short, stocky, indica dominant plant, I believe? Looks very Sativa dominant. More like their "Sweet Island Skunk"(or another Sativa dominant strain on their menu. Haven't checked them out lately..). If not "The Black", maybe you'll be able to recognize other traits of a strain they sell when it's ready to smoke. NICE PLANT! BUT STRANGE.. VERY INTERESTING! GREAT VIDEO ONCE AGAIN!

  3. Hey man looking good! I agree with the other comments that you still have a few weeks more at least there is still a good amount of white pistols. Especially if you notice the buds still fattening give it more time!

  4. Well that's like me with my last Bud session India came out Kick-Ass sativa genetics all messed up she went from beautiful Bud formation pistols up the ass then when I put the strong light on top the light mover it reverted to seed itself I got rid of that genetics💩💩

  5. I'd say at least two weeks. If you show me a close up of the trikes with a jewelers loop I can tell you if it's ready or not depending on your preference or whether or not your trying to get any CBDs at all…

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