Aurora Cannabis New Analyst Price Target 2019 + Why Are Stock Red Today ? ACB Stock News 2019

Today I will be discussing The new analyst target price for aurora cannabis Also well be catching up on some news that might explains why we had a red day in …


  1. Aurora is so ridiculously diluted, and they have already stated they will continue to dilute. They have no issue leaving smaller investors holding their bag. My message to the CEO, get me back to my average and I'll send you a card from my spot on the beach with the money I make from the legitimate cannabis stocks.

  2. Canntrust is getting killed after i just bought it and i thought i bought low and its going lower. Canntrust already lost $3 in 2 days. Thats 30% and this is a good company. What the HELL

  3. With multiple partnerships the $16 price target would be obliterated. With a deal, there may be less outstanding shares as a result if they were to use any money from said deal to buy back some of these shares. If this happens, who knows what the share price will be as the market cap would be a'lot higher and with less outstanding shares would thus make it a more invest-able company.

  4. Hey bro I wanted to ask you what you thought of SugarBud Craft Growers Corp(RLLRF) & Cannabis Science Inc (CBIS)?I value your opinion very much and I wish I had more time to do more D.D. on my own but my 8 month & 10 yr old girl are driving me freaking nuts along with the fact that my wife is working and going to school full time to be a nurse.So yeah I have to get in 10-30 mins at a time multiple times a day still isn't enough time to research companies like I'd like to.

  5. 💝Whoever sees this remember.
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