A New Pot for My African Style Serissa Bonsai, The Bonsai Zone, Sept 2019

Is the pot half full or half empty? I re pot my African style bonsai landscape into a new pot. The tree used is a Serissa foetida, commonly called a Snow Rose.


  1. I’m pretty sure I’ve made this comment before in years past. I really like how your root rake has a pokey end. Mine has a sort of butter knife style end. It’s nice for getting the plants out of the pot. After that it’s useless. Ive typed “ Nigels root rake” in my Amazon search bar. But they have no clue what I’m looking for. lol

  2. Very interesting video and nice tree! I like the camera image quality, depth of field and colours… I am not sure but: are recent videos shot by the same gear as this video?

  3. Hi Nigel, how much of the rootball of a serissa feotida can be trimmed when repotting? i found that my tree had a really large rootball about 4 inches down from the nebari. because i was afraid of harming the tree, i repotted it without trimming much of the root ball but now my tree is sitting up too high

  4. This tree is 22 years old. in 2014 it was 17 years old. I went and looked at the older videos of this tree. People who lives in Botswana would agree that the landrover fits your African landscape.

  5. So I I just bought a serissa bonsai but it's growing 2 trees..I don't know if you see my comment on one of ur videos but I should I repot one are let it grow till spring are the 2 years? And I was reading about them do they need misting through the day? Are no? And do they need alot of light

  6. Nigel, could you please do a video about how you root your cuttings. I have been trying to just place them in the same soil and I'm not having any luck. Thank you for all you do. I love your garden! 🌳TLD Phx, Az

  7. No Range Rover? Oh, come on… I’m glad you didn’t eat the rooster. 🐔 I’m sorry about my mean comment the other day about him, I was mostly kidding. This planting is beautiful as all of yours are. (It just needs a little Range Rover.). 😉

  8. Nigel, can you please do a video to help me? I have a lilac bonsai tree that has a colony of ants in it. We removed the tree from the yard and built a wooden pot for it. Its back budding only after a week. But every time I water I see ants coming out of the soil and climbing the trunk chop. I don't want to use anything that could hurt the tree, during its transition to a pot. Please help us. I would hate to see this 45+ year old lilac tree die. Thank you!

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