7 Best Short Term Investments for 2021

I used just one of these short-term investments to make $18000 and all seven will make you thousands of dollars fast. The best short-term investments for high …


  1. So question…. I have watched a lot of videos and I have to say watched a lot of money go by me…. but every time your video comes out and when I look at the charts on these stocks… a lot of them have already run up 10-20%…is there a way of getting these pics before a run up?

  2. Thanks for the valuable info but I noticed at 13:38 showing the price of elevate at 3.005 I cjecked it on yahoo finance and that was on december 15 as it's current value is at 4.21! this makes the video outdated or you expect a larger growth?

  3. Hello Joe. I don't follow majority and I don't want my job back cuz I want to live and invest; but finding the golden eggs and thinking like a contrarian investor require knowledge, experience, and expertise. Youre right options are not that difficult. Options strategy and action terminologies are different depending on trading platform. Can u explain. Thanks

  4. Made 35,000 on OZSC… they are starting to supply Tesla with components for their mega packs … also added a subsidiary and are now using Wesco as a distributor. Equity investor meeting Tuesday ..

  5. a interesting list of ideas. I am still getting started on investing and building up my financial empire. I dont think my anxiety could take it if I put any real amount of money into these ideas at this point. it was an interesting video but I think im gonna go the safer route for now.

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